The phenomenon of Olena Teliga: a play about the outstanding poetess will be presented in the capital


Until Memorial Day, the library will host a performance and talk about the values ​​and ideals of Olena Teliga.

February 21 marked the 81st anniversary of the shooting of OUN poet Olena Teliga and her siblings in Babiny Yar.

The poetess, whose power of words is compared to the poetry of Lesya Ukrainka, was born in 1906. She lived in exile in Europe for a long time, but she made her life choice in favor of Ukraine, devoting her talent and her entire short life to the struggle for its independence.

Olena Teliga with like-minded people. Photo from open sources

In Kyiv, Olena Teliga heads the Union of Ukrainian Writers, edits the literary and artistic magazine “Litavry”, organizes food points for Kyivites who remained under occupation and suffered from hunger. Even under the threat of arrest and death, Olena Teliga does not leave Kyiv and the struggle for Ukraine.

On February 9, 1942, Olena Teliga and her husband, as well as all the leading OUN activists who gathered around her, were arrested. On February 21, 1942, at the age of thirty-five, Olena Teliga, along with her husband Mykhailo Teliga and other OUN figures, were shot by the Germans in Babin Yar.

Olena Teliga. Photo from open sources

A performance staged by the workshop of Lena Lazovich is dedicated to the figure of Elena Teliza. After all, she became a phenomenon of Ukrainian literature: a model, a beautiful woman who loved hats and dresses, the author of strong and radical essays and poems, an activist of the OUN and a fighter for independence. How are such opposite combinations possible in one person? They tried to find this out in the production.

Directed by Lena Lazovich. Photo: Workshop of Lena Lazovich

“In our play, we tell not only the biography and creative path of the poetess, we try to explore how her values ​​and ideals are formed, what Teliga herself was inspired by and admired,” notes directed by Lena Lazovich. — We are looking at women’s poetry in periods of crisis for the nation. The soul of us (women) is a well, Teliga proves such a strong, bold statement by his own actions. Without losing the lightness of life. It teaches us that we can choose our own attitude to any events. No war can take away the love of life, unless we ourselves decide to give it back. Teliga is a holiday, short, but bright and happy.”

Actors face many questions today. In particular, how to find a source of strength in oneself in the midst of war. Through letters and poems, the poets in the play try to respond to these challenges and show such a strong and fragile woman who gave herself to service.

In addition to the performance, a conversation is planned with Natalia Vasylyshyn, a philologist who became a literary consultant during the preparation of the production.

“Olena Teliga. Return”

When: February 22 at 5:00 p.m
Where: St. Velika Zhytomyrska, 4, Library named after Lesya Ukrainka
Ticket price: 320 hryvnias

After the start of the performance, entrance to the auditorium is not possible. Spectators are asked not to be late.

The first public commemoration of this Ukrainian patriot and talented poet took place on February 21, 1992. Then the first Memorial Cross was erected in Babyny Yar. And the monument was installed after 25 years! Every year, the people of Kyiv bring flowers to the monument on this day

Maria Kataeva

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