A lot of water is coming to Kyiv: what areas will it flood?


In some areas, the second level of danger has been declared.

High water floods the territory of the embankments in Kyiv. Several walking areas located near the Dnipro River went under water. The water level has risen sharply near the Metro bridge. There, part of the embankment went under water. The new embankment on the left bank, not far from the Metro bridge, was also flooded.

The department of hydrological forecasts of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center says that during April 13-14, Kyiv and territories adjacent to the Dnipro Vyshgorod, Brovar, Boryspil districts the second level of orange danger has been announced.

Photo: Kyrylo Stepanets/https://t.me/kirstepan

“We are observing the passage of spring irrigation through the Kyiv HPP. “Big water” will flow through the entire cascade of the Dnipro reservoirs. Flooding of low-lying areas along the Dnieper riverbed is already being observed in Kyiv and around the city. Special attention should be paid to the residents of the territories south of Osokorki and north of Obolon, Troeshchyna. This is an area of ​​villages Vishenky, Hnidyn, Oseshchyna, Pogreby. Flooding is possible there within the garden and summer cottage and private buildings on the floodplain of the river. Flooding of roads can also be observed in the indicated places,” Ilya Perevozchikov, head of the hydrological forecasting department of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, told TSN.ua.

“There will be an outflow of water to the floodplain, low-lying areas, there is a risk of flooding of garden and country plots in the capital as well (Rusanivski Sady, the foothills of the Koncha-Zaspa massif)”, says Ilya Perevozchikov.

He adds that irrigation in the capital region may last until the end of April.

Photo: Kyrylo Stepanets/https://t.me/kirstepan / ©
Photo: Kyrylo Stepanets/https://t.me/kirstepan

“According to our forecasts, the spring flood is likely to last during April-May. The highest levels should be expected during April, and then the water level will decline. Large-scale “flood” in Kyiv should not be expected. Kyivans are simply weaned from large water, so they are affected by partial flooding on embankments and coastal strips. But there is nothing surprising here, because they were built on floodplains – places where the river should overflow during the period of irrigation. It is natural that they are flooded,” adds Ilya Perevozchikov.

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