A more detailed program to protect Kyiv from aggression has been developed, Klitschko


The mayor of Kyiv believes that Russian encroachments on the capital of Ukraine are unchanged, but the armed forces have become stronger than a year ago.

“Kyiv was and remains the target of the aggressor. Kyiv is the heart. Kyiv is the capital,” — shared understanding of the security situation Kyiv mayor with American journalists in an interview with “Voice of America”.

Vitaliy Klitschko assured that the conclusions from the period of defense have been made:

“We are doing everything in order to foresee various scenarios, even the worst scenario, so that if someone can and wants to, can – that’s a big question, wants to attack Kyiv again, in order to give him a kick in the teeth, that’s how you can language to say”.

The interview also mentions that air defense remains a key need. Although, according to the mayor, weapons are not his area of ​​responsibility, he reminded that, according to the mayor, 162 people died from Russian missiles. Five children were among the killed.

About 800 buildings were destroyed in Kyiv, 417 of which were residential. Earlier, he reported that in the year from February 24, 2022, the air raid alarm sounded in the city 680 times, and the “Kyiv rescue service” went out 48 times to eliminate the consequences of rocket attacks in the capital.

Mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko believes that the Russians still haven’t changed their mind about capturing the capital of Ukraine:

“Kyiv is now protected much better than a month ago, than six months ago, even more so than a year ago. Now there is a system of control, a system of checkpoints, modern weapons, and already our Armed Forces are much stronger than a year ago. They are prepared, armed, and a more detailed program to protect Kyiv from aggression has also been developed.”

Klitschko admitted that the entire burden, first of all, was on the shoulders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our military, who repelled the attacks. But he also spoke about the role of the civilian population, which also supported the opposition, the fight against the Russians.

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