A network of multifunctional cultural centers was created in the capital


Communal cinemas will be turned into leisure centers for Kyiv residents.

A network of multifunctional cultural centers “Kyiv Cultural Cluster” was created in the capital. The corresponding decision was supported by deputies of the Kyiv City Council, reported the KMDA.

The network will be created by changing the name of the municipal enterprise “Kyivkinofilm” to “Kyiv cultural cluster” and changing its charter.

“Thus, individual cinemas that are attached to the enterprise will be reformatted and will provide a whole range of services to address the cultural needs of the population,” she said. Hanna Starostenko, deputy head of the KMDA, deputy of the Kyiv City Council from the “Udar” faction.

Hanna Starostenko, deputy head of the KMDA, deputy of the Kyiv City Council from the “Udar” faction

She explained that it is about professional consultations and informational assistance to citizens, the opportunity to use premises and equipment for creativity, as well as for training and communication.

The centers will take into account the age, gender, and social composition of the population. That is, the townspeople will receive a new standard of providing cultural services.

Starostenko emphasized that the enterprise will expand its activities in various social and cultural areas, and the “Kyiv cultural cluster” will become a modern network that will be able to attract Ukrainian and foreign partners to cooperation and produce a high-quality cultural product.

KP “Kyivkinofilm” was organized in 2007 through the merger of 7 specialized children’s cinemas – “Almaz”, “Fakel”, “Promin”, “Prolisok”, “Start”, “Chapaev” (“Lira”) and “Salyut”. . In 2013, other municipal cinemas joined the company, namely: “Leipzig”, “Florentsia”, “Kyivska Rus”, “Im.T. Shevchenko”, “Russia” (“Kyoto”), “Leningrad” (“Dnipro”), “Zagreb”, “Bratislava”, “Krakow” and “Molodizhny”.

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