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Ukraine today is an enclave of criminal elements (Part 1).

Iryna Sadovska is a representative of the mafia in power.

On February 10, 2022, the first publication of the National Bureau of Investigative Journalism, dedicated to global corruption in the offices of Ukrainian government officials, was published.

We offer you the full text of the material (https://nbij.org/ukraine-today-is-an-enclave-of-criminal-elements-part-1/), without adjustments and censorship. It is up to you to draw conclusions.

“Friends, once again our attention is drawn to the events in Ukraine. Not in the context of the threat of hostilities against the background of worsening relations between Russia and NATO countries, or the economic consequences of the pandemic. No. Ukraine is interesting from other perspectives, which are more dangerous for all of us than all foreign policy threats.

Yes, you probably already guessed, next time we will talk about corruption, total circular bailout, large-scale scams that cause constant multimillion-dollar losses. First of all, you and I. Since the scheme is very simple – each of us, whether a citizen of the USA or the European Union, by paying taxes, replenishes the coffers of our own state, which, in turn, provides loans, guarantees, or free assistance to Ukraine. Once in Ukraine, your and our money is routinely stolen by proteges of international criminal groups, who later use it to buy yachts, supercars, palaces in France, etc.

To confirm our words, we will tell you the story of the enrichment of the family of Ukrainian officials: the husband is the deputy head of the district administration and the wife is the deputy minister of justice of Ukraine.

Get to know:

Ruslan Sadovskyi is the former First Deputy Head of Obukhiv District State Administration (2016-2017) and First Deputy Head of Boryspil District State Administration (2017-2020).

Even a superficial analysis of the property status of a Ukrainian official evokes inherent feelings for a civilized person – horror, indignation, surprise. ) to the facts of the illegal enrichment of a Ukrainian state official, there was still no response, although there is something to react to:

  1. Yes, according to decision No. 2227 of the NAZK dated July 26, 2019, Ruslan Sadovskyi in declarations for 2017, he did not indicate assets worth UAH 1.6 million, namely, information about the right to use a residential building with a total area of ​​61.1 square meters in the village of Husachivka, Obukhiv district, Kyiv region, which is his registered place of residence – no reaction from anti-corruption authorities did not follow;
  • In the mandatory declaration, Sadovsky notes information about 3 land plots with an area of ​​2 hectares each in the village of Kozyn of the Obukhiv district of the Kyiv region, which belong to his wife Iryna Sadovska under the right of joint ownership. At the same time, Sadovsky does not indicate the value of the land plots and their co-owners. According to the documents, the first plot costs UAH 797.6 thousand, so the value of the land belonging to Iryna Sadovska is UAH 398.8 thousand. The second plot costs 733.8 thousand hryvnias, so the value of the land belonging to the Deputy Minister of Justice is 366.9 hryvnias. The third plot costs 741.8 thousand hryvnias, so the value of the land belonging to Sadovskyi’s wife is 370.9 thousand hryvnias.

That is, from the beginning of his tenure in an important state position, Mr. Sadovsky deliberately avoided declaring his assets for a total amount exceeding 250,000 Euros.

His wife Iryna Sadovska, who until September 2019 held the position of Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine specifically for matters of state registration, did the same. In particular, almost all the violations found by the NAKC in the declaration of Ruslan Sadovskyi are also contained in the declarations of his wife, Iryna Sadovskyi, according to 2016 and 2017 years

That is, a Ukrainian official who held an important public position deliberately hid, like her husband, her own wealth worth hundreds of thousands of Euros.

A logical question arises as to the nature of the origin of such wealth in the spouses of representatives of the Ukrainian authorities. And in this case, we again cannot hope for the legitimacy of their origin, since the facts speak for themselves:

  1. By resolution dated 07/23/2019, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Kyiv region through the court demanded almost 44 hectares of land in the village of Kozyn near Kyiv from private property. The land was illegally taken from the territorial community of the Kozyna settlement council of the Obukhiv district of the Kyiv region.

Among the persons who must return the land to the community, Iryna Sadovska, the Deputy Minister of Justice for State Registration, must return two plots of land with cadastral numbers 3223155400: 03: 015: 0016 and 3223155400: 03: 017: 0062 to the Kozyna settlement council by September 2019. with an area of ​​4 hectares.

Sadovska owns the land together with Tamara Oliynyk, co-owner of the Restograd Empire restaurant complex. Sadovska became a co-owner of one of these plots, concluding an agreement with Natalia Ukrainets in 2010. In turn, Ms. Ukrainets appears in the case of forgery of documents for twin apartments transferred to the ARMA administration. Oliinyk, together with Ruslan Sadovskyi and Yuriy Khomutynnik (brother of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine), was registered as a co-owner of Project Land Management Group LLC (Yedrpou 35467422). Sadovskyi did not include information about his share in this LLC in the declaration for 2017, as well as information about his own share in LLC “Project Consulting Group” (EDRPOU 33428235). Sadovskyi et al. did not specify these data declarations for 2018., but NAZK and law enforcement agencies were not interested in this information.

  • As of December 31, 2017, Iryna Sadovska owned 60% of LLC “Project Consulting Group” (YEDRPOU 35645250). The deputy minister’s contribution to the company’s statutory fund amounted to UAH 30.9 thousand. The rest of the company was owned by Tamara Ustymenko, the former first deputy head of the State Executive Service of the Holosiiv district of Kyiv. According to Ruslan Sadovsky’s explanations, Iryna Sadovsky found out that she is the founder of this LLC during a special inspection in 2018. Although, about eight years ago, the Deputy Minister of Justice alienated a share in the authorized capital of LLC “Project Consulting Group”, as evidenced by a copy of the act of acceptance and transfer of a share in the authorized capital of the LLC from November 2018, in connection with the conclusion of a share purchase agreement in the authorized capital of this LLC from December 2011. According to data from the Holosiivsk RDA, in November 2018, Iryna Sadovska was removed from the list of founders of Project Consulting Group LLC. In view of this, the NAZK decided that as of December 31, 2017, the corporate rights of Project Consulting Group LLC were still owned by Iryna Sadovskyi, and therefore, Ruslan Sadovskyi committed a violation by not noting the information that his wife is listed the ultimate owner (beneficiary) of this LLC.

And again, there was no reaction from law enforcement agencies, even though the NAKC came to a well-founded conclusion that Ruslan Sadovskyi’s declaration for 2017 has signs of declaring notoriously unreliable information in the amount of UAH 1.6 million. and 1.1 million in the declaration for 2016, which is a violation that falls under Art. 366-1 of the Criminal Code (“Declaration of false information”). This violation is punishable by a fine from 2,500 to 3,000 tax-free minimum incomes of citizens or community service from 150 to 240 hours, or imprisonment for up to 2 years, with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for a period of up to 3 years.

Almost all the violations found by the NAKC in the declaration of Ruslan Sadovskyi are also contained in the declarations of his wife, Iryna Sadovskyi, according to 2016 and 2017 years

The National Anti-corruption Bureau informed the National Anti-corruption Bureau about the detected offenses of the NACP, sending a reasoned conclusion. There is no data on Ruslan Sadovskyi and Iryna Sadovskyi in the unified case register of NABU. There are no registered facts of violations of criminal cases against the specified persons, although there are all grounds for this.

However, the basis of the illegal enrichment of high-level Ukrainian officials is banal corruption and extortion of bribes.

For example, we will give you a story in which the married couple involved in our investigation – the Sadovskys – probably took part:

Kyivskyi businessman Ruben Arutyunov is one of the applicants for the premises of the “Experimental Mechanical Plant” at 69 Kyrylivska Street in the capital. In December 2018, Arutyunov won one of the courts for the premises of the plant and immediately re-registered the real estate in the State Register of Property Rights, and also initiated three bans on re-registration for court decision.

However, within a week Yulia Nikitina, an employee of the communal enterprise “Registrar”, despite all these arrests, entered the registry without documents and changed the owner of the premises: from Arutyunov to OJSC “Experimental Mechanical Plant”.

The businessman complained about Nikitina’s registration to the Anti-Raider Commission of the Ministry of Justice (Commission for Review of Complaints in the Field of State Registration) and received a response, signed by Iryna Sadovska (at that time, Deputy Minister of Justice), that the complaint was being considered.

After that, offers to pay $50,000,000 as an illegal reward began to be sent to Arutyunov repeatedly, so that his complaint would be positively considered. After Arutyunov refused the “proposals”, he received a letter stating that the issues mentioned in his complaint are not within the competence of the commission.

Then, Arutyunov filed a statement about committing a crime to the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine.

Employees of the SBI searched for Nikitina, searched for the director of the communal enterprise “Registrar” (according to the Unified Register of Legal Entities, Kateryna Garmash was listed for them).

It was established that the communal enterprise “Registrar” is registered in the Darnytskyi district of Kyiv, allegedly on the basis of the minutes of the meeting of the residents of the building on Krupska Street, 10 in the Darnytskyi district. The director of KP “Registrator” is located in the Sumy region, lives in a village, he is paid 200 dollars a month, he periodically signs some documents – even he himself does not understand what he is signing. Nikitin’s registrar is permanently located in the city of Donetsk.

It was also established that the communal enterprise “Registrar” is under the personal supervision and control of Sadovska’s husband – Ruslan Sadovskyi.

Simultaneously with the investigation of the criminal proceedings, Arutyunov filed a lawsuit to the District Administrative Court of Kyiv, which made the appropriate decision and restored the registration of the property right for the plaintiff (Arutyunov won because the OASK received a statement from the registrar Yulia Nikitina. The woman asked her to “understand and forgive “, because she registered the premises of the factory to another owner “by mistake, without documents, in the absence of the applicant, without carrying out an inspection of real estate encumbrances.” Nikitin Arutyunov recognized the lawsuit in full, so the court returned the real estate to the businessman as of May 7, 2019.

On May 27, 2019, the SBI opened criminal proceedings No. 620190000000075 on the fact of unauthorized interference in the work of the State Register of Rights to Real Estate based on a prior conspiracy. The Sadovskyi couple appear in the proceedings of the SBI, although there is no data about this in the Unified Register of Court Decisions yet.

So, at the moment, no anti-corruption body of Ukraine has taken into account the facts of illegal enrichment and the probable commission of criminal offenses by the spouses of civil servants of Ukraine – the Sadovskyi family. The only criminal proceeding in which the above-mentioned officials appear is in the SBI and is not being investigated.

In our opinion, the conclusions based on the materials of this investigation are obvious. Ukraine and its leaders are in a different dimension of time, where not laws rule, but “concepts”, where corruption is the main driving force, where circular bail has replaced the principle of inevitability of criminal punishment.

This is how she is – long-suffering Ukraine. Think before you want to invest.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Read about the entire criminal group in our next publication.

To be continued…”

The editorial staff of UA2DAY is sincerely grateful to everyone who showed interest in this publication and hopes for an interesting continuation of the series of investigations started by our foreign colleagues.

Author: human rights defender Kostyantyn Kryvopust

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