A selection of the best online bookstores in Ukraine


Rating of the most visited online book stores and websites of leading Ukrainian publishing houses. The list was created by specialists Torgsfot by the number of visitors in December 2022, according to data from the analytics resource Similarweb.

  1. Yakaboo

Yakaboo started its activities in 2004 with the sale of licensed DVDs and CDs. Currently, the Yakaboo online bookstore is one of the largest in Ukraine, it has its own publishing house Yakaboo Publishing, which publishes Ukrainian niche non-fiction and translates world non-fiction bestsellers into Ukrainian. In the online store yakaboo.ua sells more than 300,000 books of various genres in 71 languages ​​in paper, electronic or audio formats. In addition to books, creative products, board games, book accessories and gifts are available.

In December 2022, the site was visited by 2.262 million people.

  1. Bookstore “E”
Bookstore online store "IS"

The first bookstore of the Ye Bookstore chain was opened in 2007 in Kyiv. Currently, the network has 18 bookstores throughout Ukraine. Offline bookstores are equipped with special places for reading, free Wi-Fi. In the online store book-ye.com.ua you can find any literature in Ukrainian for readers from 0 to 99 years old, as well as books of exclusive and rare editions.

In December 2022, the site was visited by 1.3 million people.

  1. Morning

publishing house "Morning"“Morning” publishing house was founded by Viktor Kruglov in 1997 in the city of Kharkiv. It is the leader of the Ukrainian market of educational, methodical and children’s literature, as well as the only publishing house of Ukraine that joined the European Association of Publishers of Educational Literature.

In the Internet publishing house ranok.com.ua more than 18,000 names of books, manuals, educational and methodical literature, developmental games, and creative products are presented. The company has 27 regional offices in the cities of Ukraine and abroad. The publishing house also produces electronic books and textbooks, has its own school in Kharkiv and a library with a book collection of 45,000 copies.

In December 2022, the site visited by 880,429 readers.

  1. Our format
publishing house "Our format"

The company has been present on the domestic book market for more than 15 years. It has gone from a niche store to a leading Ukrainian publishing house of non-fiction literature and one of the key online stores in Ukraine, which sells exclusively Ukrainian-language books.

Our Format publishing house specializes in the publication of patriotic and worldview literature, translations of bestsellers and landmark books, and since the beginning of the war, it has been preparing for printing books on tactical and medical training for the military.

Internet-shop nashformat.ua has in its arsenal more than 30 thousand book titles from various Ukrainian publishing houses of any subject: from business to comics and graphic novels.

In December 2022, the site was visited by 530,151 people.

  1. Bookclub (publishing house “Family Leisure Club”)
online bookstore bookclub (KSD publishing house)

Book Club “Family Leisure Club” was founded in 2000 in Kharkiv. “KSD” publishing house is one of the largest book distributors in Ukraine, with 38 branches throughout the country. Every year before the war, about 600 titles of fiction, children’s and applied literature were published. It publishes both Ukrainian and world star authors, as well as the works of young Ukrainian writers. The books and authors of “KSD” have won many literary awards: the Shevchenko Prize, the “BBC Book of the Year” distinction, first places in the “Coronation of the Word” and “Grand Coronation of the Word” contests, etc.

Online store in December 2022 bookclub.ua 472,063 people visited.

  1. Publishing house “A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA”
Publishing House of Ivan Malkovich

Ivan Malkovich Publishing House “A-BA-BA-GA-LA-MA-GA” is a leading Ukrainian publishing house of children’s literature, one of the most famous children’s publishing houses in Eastern Europe. The first private children’s publishing house of independent Ukraine.

The first book “Ukrainian Alphabet” was printed in 1992. The publishing house publishes books exclusively in Ukrainian “for children from 2 to 102”.

In the online store store.ababahalamaha.com.ua you can buy not only children’s literature, but also books for adults – monographs, documentaries, fiction, non-fiction, etc. High artistic and polygraphic quality is the hallmark of the publishing house, which distinguishes it from thousands of others even outside of Ukraine.

The A-BA-BA-GA-LA-MA-GA publishing house uses Torgsoft accounting software.

The number of visitors to the online store in December 2022 it was 345,758 people.

  1. Stary Lev Publishing House

Stary Lev Publishing House“Old Lion Publishing House” was founded in December 2001 by Maryana Savka and Yuri Chopyk in Lviv. In 2015, “Old Lion” opened its first bookstore in Lviv, after which a whole network of monobrand bookstores-cafes appeared in Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa and Dnipro. Here you can not only buy books, but also taste coffee and attend literary meetings.

In the catalog of the online store starylev.com.ua more than 1,647 items are presented – books for the whole family, as well as electronic editions, souvenirs, book sets.

In December 2022, the website of the publishing house was visited by 327,562 people.

  1. Bookovka

Bukovka online bookstoreModern online store bookovka.ua offers more than 1 million books and other products: comics, electronic publications, products for creativity and active recreation, board games, stationery, children’s products.

In December 2022, the site was visited by 313,978 people.

  1. Book24
online bookstore book24

This is a young online market for book products in Ukraine, which is developing rapidly. Offers for sale more than 10,000 titles of books, as well as games and electronic book formats.

Site book24.ua in December 2022, 279,992 people visited.

  1. Balka-book

online bookstore BalkabukThe Kharkiv online bookstore balka-book.com was founded in 2004 and specializes in the sale of computer, technical, business and medical literature. This makes the online store unique in the book industry market. In the assortment you can also find books of fiction, educational, legal, economic and children’s literature, vinyl records, cassettes, CDs and DVDs.

In December 2022, the site balka-book.com 175,566 people visited.

  1. Vivat

Kharkiv Vivat publishing houseVivat is one of the largest publishing houses in Ukraine. Founded by Yulia Orlova in 2013 in Kharkiv. It specializes in publishing children’s literature, modern translated books, non-fiction and works by modern Ukrainian authors. Internet-shop vivat-book.com.ua sells books both from its own publishing house and from well-known and new Ukrainian publishing houses for all age groups.

In December 2022, the website of the publishing house was visited by 119,094 people.

  1. Letter
online bookstore Bukva

“Bukva” is one of the oldest and most famous book distributors in Ukraine. The chain includes 25 bookstores and an online store bukva.uawhich presents more than 12,700 titles of books of various genres.

In December 2022, the site was visited by 139,119 users.

  1. Baboon bench
Bookstore Lavka Babuin

Online bookstore of Ukraine, where you can order books in all genres, souvenirs and gifts, in particular: children’s, fiction, popular science, business literature, photo albums, art books, toys, creative products, stationery and other products.

In December, the site lavkababuin.com visited by 116,895 users.

Laboratory publishing house“Laboratoriya” is a progressive specialized Kyiv publishing house that promotes fresh ideas, relevant Western publications, as well as competent Ukrainian authors on its platforms. In the online store laboratoria.pro you can buy modern non-fiction books, fiction, popular science, business literature, gift certificates, as well as listen to podcasts from the authors of the “Laboratory” about current books and trends in literature.

Site laboratoria.pro in December 2022, 96,055 people visited.

Buklya online bookstore

“Buklya” is an online bookstore for the whole family, which is actively developing. The catalog includes 210,000 titles of books of various genres. In addition to books, the store sells children’s goods, board games, LEGO sets, goods for hobbies and creativity, original notebooks and gliders.

Online store in December 2022 booklya.ua visited 94,810 people.

Author: Nataliya Mitroshina specially for https://torgsoft.ua/

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