In the capital, a man accidentally fell from a bridge into a river


The man was rescued by the Municipal Guard. The man carelessly fell from the Northern Bridge into the Dnipro River and almost drowned. The witness of the event appealed for help to the security guards of the checkpoint on Trukhanovo Island in the Dnipro district. They immediately called emergency personnel and the rapid response team of the Municipal Guard, which was working nearby.

As the Municipal Security Department of KMDA said, the accident happened in the evening of March 9. Arriving at the scene, members of the crew of the Municipal Guard noticed a person who needed help, and with the help of a boat that was nearby, they reached the poor man.

The man almost lost consciousness and began to drown. One of the “municipals” dived from the boat into the water to save the drowning man. Thanks to the prompt, professional and coordinated actions of the Municipal Guard, the man managed to save his life. Soon, the water police patrol and rescuers arrived at the scene and took the man to the medics.

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