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Russia’s extremely aggressive policy and direct support for militants caused thousands of innocent victims in Eastern Ukraine. The once peaceful and international state, in which hundreds of nationalities lived peacefully for hundreds of years, was faced with a difficult choice – either unite and defend its own sovereignty, or continue to be in the fairway of the rightful successor of the USSR.

The choice was made obvious – defend yourself with weapons in hand, fight for every centimeter of your native land. Hundreds of young men and women began to join volunteer battalions and acquire relevant skills.

However, the situation was extremely difficult due to the strategic goals of the enemy – to seize Crimea, Mariupol, Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk region, etc. In fact, most of Ukraine had to turn into another subject of the federation. In addition, the material and technical equipment of the troops at the beginning of the war was in a terrible state – motor vehicles simply did not start, there were no reserves of PMM, there was a lack of uniforms, high-quality small arms, and this in a country that has not yet recovered from revolutionary events, while, in fact , the empty state budget.

However, we survived and are standing – thanks to the unprecedented support of Western partners, a powerful volunteer movement and the unprecedented patriotism and dedication of thousands of Ukrainians.

Yes, there were those for whom the issue of personal enrichment came to the fore, using the situation exclusively for selfish purposes, despite the plight of the population. It was done cynically, under the auspices of saving the state.

Of course, let’s be objective, not everyone pursued such a goal, there were also sincere actions, such as those that, due to Arsen Avakov’s character and patriotism, allowed us to prevent the “Kharkiv Spring” and preserve peace in the city.

Well, now about something else…

Let’s go back to 2014 – Ukraine is on fire, Russian saboteurs are starting to disturb Donbas and Crimea, the situation is difficult – the time of the state is running out and there is a need for people who are able to make difficult, responsible decisions. And, just then, “BENEficiary” – co-owner of the largest financial and industrial group and a system-forming bank – enters the main political arena. It turns out, of course, beautifully – under the guise of the “savior” of Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk region, etc.

However, his actions are based on completely different motives – for his loyalty and patriotic position, he received 4 billion hryvnias in the period from February 26 to 27, 2014, and already on March 2 – the highest management position in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

So, in less than a week, two powerful resources were obtained – administrative and financial, however, there were also obligations, for the fulfillment of which an own, combat-capable army is being quickly formed, which is subordinated exclusively to the “BENEFICIARY”. Exclusively.

Yes, the army needs significant expenses, and the 4 billion received as refinancing is a pity. Then, a “genius” plan was born, the result of which was the rapid devaluation of the hryvnia, and the actual robbery of all of you and me.

What was the basis of the idea?

Convert 4 billion into currency, wait two days for the exchange rate to collapse and exchange the currency for hryvnia again. Thus, get already 6 billion. For this “gesheft”, received from the pockets of every Ukrainian, their own army and ambitious “patriotic” projects were financed, such as the events in Odesa, as a result of which a friend of “BENEficiator” becomes the governor of the region and actually gets the opportunity to control the entire transshipment, in a row on supply of fuel for the Ministry of Defense for 187 million, thousands of tons of technical oil and other, less well-known “projects”. Yes, there was a critical phase of confrontation, and even our Western partners tolerated such “creativity”.

However, 2 billion is not enough, and then a decision is made – to withdraw the remaining funds from the bank by lending to related structures, which was successfully done and for which, in the future, highly liquid real estate in the USA was purchased.

Oh, they couldn’t stand it anymore!

The political leadership of the United States quickly sends the appropriate “signal” to the Ukrainian authorities, and a conflict begins, which we already remember very well.

But, even in this situation, “BENEFICIARY” did not get lost, because he had a powerful tool in his hands, and he begins direct blackmail of the authorities with the possibility of “putting” the hryvnia a second time.

Borders were crossed – the bank was nationalized, control over the oil industry was lost, and, most importantly, the Western partners were “offended” in principle, which led to the opening of a number of criminal proceedings, the main ones of which are being investigated by the powerful anti-corruption body of Ukraine…

and here is the most interesting thing, but in the next part of our story…

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