China refrained from directly condemning the attack on the Crimean bridge


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China refrained from condemning the attack on the Crimean bridge, instead calling on the parties to the “conflict in Ukraine” to refrain from attacks on civilian objects and to observe international humanitarian law.

This is evidenced by the response during the briefing of the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Ning, to the request of one of the Russian propaganda media to comment on the “terrorist attack” on the Crimean Bridge, informs Censor. NO with reference to Ukrinform.

“China believes that relevant parties should refrain from attacking civilian objects and infrastructure, ensure the safety of civilians and abide by international humanitarian law,” Mao said.

She added that China’s position regarding the “Ukrainian crisis” is known and consists in the fact that all parties to the conflict should “make efforts for a political settlement of the crisis and contribute to mitigating the situation with joint efforts.”

The diplomat answered as neutrally as possible and did not express any criticism of the attack on the illegal construction of the Russians in the Kerch Strait, thereby testifying that the Chinese side does not see in this event grounds for condemning the actions of Ukrainian defenders.

The call from the Chinese side is also addressed to Russia, which, since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24 last year, has daily launched missile, artillery and bomb attacks on civilian objects and residential buildings in Ukraine, disregarding not only international humanitarian law, but also elementary feelings of humanity and compassion .

We will remind, July 17 on the Crimean Bridge explosions rang out, the span fell. In the network the first photos appearwhich show damage to the Crimean Bridge after the explosions.

Sources Censor. NO reported that The Crimean bridge was attacked by surface drones. This is a special operation of the SBU and the Navy.

OK “South” announced that the damage to the Crimean bridge may be a provocation of the Russian Federation.


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