Discrimination in Ukraine is gaining dangerous proportions, or the tactical plan of the FSB is in action


The 9th year of the war continues. Wars for the freedom of the Ukrainian people, for the basic principles of a free, democratic, legal society. Societies without oppression, with the right to choose, freedom of speech, religion, equality.

The desire to protect their own freedoms has united hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who are getting closer to victory on all fronts – from military to political and humanitarian. The basis of this social monolith is the internal identification of oneself with a Ukrainian, regardless of ethical origin, religion, gender, etc. Thus, in the first days of the war, hundreds of foreigners joined the ranks of the Armed Forces, from which separate units were formed that successfully perform combat tasks. Among them should be noted: Georgian National Legion, battalion named after Sheikh Mansur, the international legion of TRO of Ukraine.

The heroism of the fighters of these units does not need to be proven – they prove it every day on the battlefield, destroying Russian invaders, equipment, logistics and have already entered the history of modern Ukraine as indomitable defenders of its independence.

A similar war continues on the diplomatic front. Thus, from the first days of the full-scale invasion, hundreds of states felt their Ukrainian affiliation, provided and continue to provide multibillion-dollar aid, and will support the introduction of a sanctions regime against the aggressor. What is a recent decision worth? of the European Parliament on the recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. This, an unprecedented decision in the history of the world, once again proves the indomitability of the global, pro-Ukrainian coalition, capable of turning the tide of the war and bringing Russian war criminals to justice.

Dmytro Kuleba

In this context, the key role of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in achieving victories on the diplomatic front should be noted.

In addition, it is fair to note the pro-Ukrainian consolidation of the entire civilized world on the humanitarian front. Yes, thanks to the coordinated work of the Ukrainian diaspora and simply caring foreigners, hundreds of thousands of tons of humanitarian goods are sent to Ukraine every day.

Domestic and foreign charitable institutions that united volunteers, ordinary citizens, women, children, and the elderly deserve special attention. They are the ones who collect funds to help the army from morning to night, knit warm stockings, camouflage nets, make stoves and candles, and give the last thing they have to help our soldiers.

So, as we mentioned at the beginning, all these people were united by the feeling of being a Ukrainian – free, fair, stable, courageous, sincere. And, regardless of what language they speak, where their ancestors were born, or what church they go to, they are Ukrainians. They are the basis of future victory. It is a foundation that must be protected, taken care of and not forgotten that the enormous forces of the enemy are used against it. Its only goal is to split social unity, to destroy the spirit of Ukraine.

For this purpose, the special services of the enemy have developed whole strategies and tactics. One of them is the attempt to divide Ukrainian society on discriminatory grounds, such as: religion, ethnicity, place of birth, skin color, gender, etc.

And, unfortunately, some of these tactics of the enemy began to bear “fruits”. In particular, recently, a dangerous trend has emerged in which some public organizations are involved, and sometimes government representatives, who, under the pretext of “wrong place of birth” or “ethnic component”, began to divide Ukrainian society, “hang appropriate labels”, discredit people on invented pretexts . The only goal is to cause discord, and sometimes to take possession of fortunes… . There are already many examples, and we will give them.

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