The capital authorities are checking the improvement and cleanliness in the districts after the dismantling of illegal MAFs, — Petro Panteleev


The Defense Council decided to dismantle the MAFs that blocked the evacuation routes, especially near the subway.

The KMDA emphasizes an integrated approach to the main types of improvement. That is why they started inspecting the districts to check: what is going on with the dismantled retail outlets in the city now?

The expert commission visited the Shevchenkivskyi and Svyatoshynskyi districts, where illegal temporary structures were most actively dismantled in recent months. It was reported Petro Panteleev, Deputy Chairman of the KMDA.

Petro Panteleev, Deputy Chairman of the KMDA.

“The Defense Council made a decision to dismantle MAFs on evacuation routes, primarily near subway stations. In addition, the proper state of order is one of the important priorities of our work. This especially applies to the entrances to the city: they, like the rest of the city, must be clean, tidy and free of landfills,” said Mr. Panteleev.

In particular, a square has already been created in the Shevchenkivskyi district, where MAFs have been dismantled near the Polytechnic Institute metro station. A green zone is also being built near the Shulyavska metro station.

The next project will be Beresteysky prospect.

“This highway is the main entrance to Kyiv from the west. It should be organized in accordance with European standards, and not be an area where garbage is constantly accumulating, and people complain about unsanitary conditions,” explained the deputy head of the KMDA.

According to Pyotr Panteleev, some facilities have already been put in order: near the Polytechnic Institute metro station, where work has been completed to clean up and civilized public space, and near the Heroiv Dnipra station in Obolon.

“Complex landscaping is planned near Heroiv Dnipra metro station. We have a project, funds have been allocated. And this year, a well-planned, beautiful green area will appear there,” said Petro Panteleev.

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