Dmytro Buryak: a British blogger accidentally ate a $12,000 chocolate egg


British YouTube blogger Adam Davis accidentally ate a $12,000 Cadbury Creme chocolate egg.

So, the Cadbury company released only 280 eggs, which are made of milk and white chocolate. The owners of such candies could receive a considerable cash prize.

A man was shooting a new video in his van and accidentally ate the prize candy. His subscribers pointed out that the blogger had eaten the winning delicacy.

For his part, Davis admitted that he was very hungry and did not pay attention to the color of the egg filling.

“I don’t feel bad about eating it. Who else can boast that he ate 12 thousand in 30 seconds. Money comes and goes, and the story of epic failure lasts a lifetime. But yes, it is obvious that it would be nice to get money”, – commented he.

Now Adam is calling on the chocolate giant to be generous and still pay him some of the prize money. However, he has not yet received an answer.

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