Not Vladivostok, but Haishenway: Kislytsia trolled the Russian attache Zakharova


The support of Ukrainians for the initiative to rename Russia to Muscovy quite angered, in particular, Kremlin officials. The permanent representative of Ukraine at the UN, Serhiy Kyslytsia, did not hesitate to respond to the hysteria of the officials of the enemy state.

On Sunday, March 12, a post appeared on Kyslytsa’s social networks in which he ridiculed the words of the representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova. In fact, a Kremlin official said that our state is allegedly striving to become “anti-Russia”.

“Presalkashe Lavrova lost her mind”

The other day, the petition on the return of the historical name of Muscovy received the required number of votes and the President of Ukraine gave the government a mandate. In response, the presalkashe Lavrova went crazy in her telegram-spout about “attempts to create anti-Russia from Ukraine”.
– wrote Kislytsia.

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