Dmytro Buryak: in Buryatia, a “hall of combat glory” was opened in a kindergarten


In Buryatia, a “hall of combat glory” with photographs of the Russian occupiers was opened in the “Kulbaba” kindergarten.

The newspaper “Prybaikalets” reports that the staff of the kindergarten in the village of Zyryansk “ceremoniously opened a corner of memory to the country soldiers who died during the SVO”. In the pictures, the occupiers Anton Kolmakov and Vladyslav Vyshnyakov, who died in the war in Ukraine. Judging by reports in the Russian media, they died at the front this winter, informs

In the video, you can see how small children march with Russian flags to the song of Oleg Gazmanov, and then lay flowers. At the end, the children of the kindergarten crossed themselves.

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