Innovative Palm NFT Studio launches Palm Generative Art Maker. This tool enables creators to quickly build generative art collections on the blockchain.

This state-of-the-art tool offers artists a comprehensive infrastructure to generate their code, store it online, and create a series of unique artworks.

Benefits of Palm Generative Art Maker

Historically, creators who needed more programming knowledge had a hard time. However, Palm Generative Art Maker optimizes mass rendering, trait and rarity systems, and resource generation.

It also allows you to design moving and static 3D assets, as well as create text and metadata.

The main strength of Palm Generative Art Maker is its ability to make generative art more accessible to a wider range of creators. Individual creators and small teams can now create collections that would be too complex for someone without programming or 3D experience.

The tool helps creators minimize time and cost by providing faster render times, especially for animated assets.

Developed collaboratively, Palm Generative Art Maker includes version control software designed for game art development. It supports commands, protects against overwriting files and reduces storage costs.

Palm NFT Studio

Since its inception two years ago, Palm NFT Studio has been a strong supporter of digital art, having secured $27 million in funding.

Palm NFT Studio has built one of the largest and most active communities on the web3 through its environmentally friendly Palm network. The studio’s projects span art, entertainment, music and more, envisioning a world where creative futures are shaped and shared collectively.

One of the famous collections is The Bat Cowl Collection , a generative 3D and AR collection with billions of potential permutations and collectible features. The collection includes the debut NFT Snap Lens, exclusive events and fan content, and the chance to participate in the creation of the first-ever DC Comics NFT, Batman: The Legacy Cowl.

In addition, Damien Hirst’s ground-breaking book “Currency” was presented on the Palm blockchain. Known for pushing the boundaries of the art world, Damien Hirst has given 10,000 collectors the chance to choose between physical picture or NFT , knowing that choosing one will destroy the other. This unique exhibition attracted worldwide attention, in which 4,851 paintings were destroyed because their owners decided to keep the NFT.

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