Oleksandr Zhukov: specifics of physical protection of persons


The specifics of the security guard’s work to ensure the safety of natural persons provide for the exclusion of any threat to the life and health of the person being protected. Based on this formation, the physical data of the guard is far from always in the first place, although it is of great importance.

The security guard must first of all be an analyst, a psychologist, a specialist with the ability to quickly understand the state and intentions of people, be able to predict their behavior, assess the situation, especially non-standard ones, because it is much easier to prevent encroachment on the life and health of a ward than to eliminate and settle the likely consequences .

That is why specialists undergo not only physical training, but also practice in the development of logic and thinking, are distinguished by prudence and mental stability. Personnel selection must be thorough, the requirements for candidates are high.

After all, the creation of an individual system of your personal security should be so perfect that the guard remains invisible to the client and at the same time effectively performs its tasks, excluding the possibility of finding a weak point in the security regime and stopping the actions of offenders at the earliest possible stage.
What is physical protection of persons?

This is a complex set of measures and actions with the use of electronic, engineering and technical means, aimed at protecting material values ​​and providing guaranteed security to the client.

Professional physical security services must be provided according to a carefully designed scheme. Starting with the analysis of the facility for potential threats, the identification of “vulnerable” places and ending with systematic control at specified places, including:

  • patrolling the territory;
  • surveillance using video equipment;
  • escort of the protected person;
  • termination of any offenses in relation to the physical protection of the object of protection;
  • inspection of personal belongings, transport, etc.;
  • implementation of special measures on the territory of foreign countries.

Only under such minimal criteria is it possible to ensure peace of mind for the protected person and his family.

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