Dmytro Buryak: SONY filed a patent for cross-platform NFT


This is a big game from Sony that will allow NFTs to be transferred to different games and consoles.

It’s no secret that Sony Interactive Entertainment is actively developing non-fungible tokens (NFTs). However, news about the latest patent Sony’s transferable NFTs are creating a lot of buzz in the industry.

Essentially, Sony has filed for a patent that would allow gamers to own their game assets as NFTs – and use those assets in other games and platforms.

Examples of digital assets listed are “video game artwork, video game images, avatar, video game weapons, and/or video game skills.”

For example, PlayStation gamers can transfer their favorite character from one gaming experience to another. Moreover, the patent filed by Sony mentions the transfer of NFTs between games and consoles.

Thus, Sony brings us one step closer to a compatible metauniverse.

A look into the future

The Sony patent provides a detailed description with examples of NFT capabilities. For example, the patent mentions eSports tournaments: “In some embodiments, completing a task may include winning an eSports tournament, and the digital asset may be used via an NFT by the first end user in a plurality of different computer simulations.”

In other words, players earn special NFTs by winning eSports tournaments and can use NFTs in many games and platforms.

In addition, compatibility is not limited the Sony ecosystem . Indeed, Sony specifies that compatibility may extend to “cloud video gaming” and even Microsoft Xbox.

Everything in NFT

Sony recognizes the potential of NFT, so it is making major moves in this area. Importantly, NFTs allow gamers to own their own assets. In addition, companies such as Sony are betting that the future of games will be tied to the owner.

Even though game developers seem to be losing out with NFTs, they are not. Developers can actually earn revenue from secondary sales on the NFT market. So, when gamers trade their weapons on the market, the developer receives a percentage of each transaction.

Now Sony seems to be embracing NFT as an integral part of the future of gaming.

Back in February, Sony Network Communications entered into a monumental partnership with the Astar Network blockchain. Together, the two parties plan to create an incubation program for companies focused on creating NFTs with real utility.

It looks like the story of Sony and NFT is just getting started.

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