Dmytro Buryak: The CRYPTO306 annual exhibition will be held in Dubai on May 8


Crypto 306 plans to host its annual event to bring the global crypto community under one roof. This year’s event will take place on May 8 and 9 at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, and will focus on raising awareness of crypto projects by bringing together traditional and corporate companies to meet with crypto project founders and leading Web3 companies. leaders to shed light on the new crypto world.

Through events organized annually in three different countries, Crypto 306 aims to share the ideas and values ​​that will shape the future of cryptocurrencies.

The crypto exhibition Crypto 306 in 2022 was a huge success, the event gathered a record number of visitors from all over the world. Building on the success of last year’s event, the range of knowledge sharing will be broader this year with additional speakers and sponsors.

This cryptocurrency event will host over 7,000 attendees, over 50 speakers and be supported by over 60 major community sponsors including Babydoge, Raca and Lovely Inu Finance.

Community network KuCoin is also participating in this year’s expo of the cryptocurrency event to spread awareness of its company’s functionality and attract more users.

Diamond Sponsors such as Gotbit, CLS and leading media companies are partnering with Crypto 306 to make the event a success.

The event will feature leaders/speakers from various countries who will share their hard-earned knowledge and professional experience in the cryptosphere. This will provide a great opportunity to improve your understanding of cryptocurrencies and how the market works.

Some of the highlights of the event will be “creating a company in Dubai, importance of market formation and what is L2 infrastructure” etc.

Famous speakers

  • Alex Andryunin, CEO of Gotbit Hedge Fund
  • Mahmoud Farooq, CEO of TinyTrader
  • Emre Dumraz, CEO of Solvers Digital
  • Bharat P. Ramnani, CEO, Startbiz Global
  • Andriy Akulenko, head of the Azbit sales department
  • Nitesh Mishra, Co-Founder of ChaiDex
  • Sergo, BD, CLS
  • Rudy Shushani, CEO of DXTalks
  • Owais Sultan, Security Inspector, Lovely Swap
  • Tatyana Burmakina, regional manager of Lovely Swap

About Crypto 306

Crypto 306 is a company that organizes events related to cryptocurrency. The purpose of crypto events is to provide educational content and networking opportunities for investors, developers, and crypto enthusiasts.

Crypto 306 aims to bring the global crypto market together on one platform, working with top crypto personalities and global media to help enrich the understanding of this volatile market, discover new and innovative ideas and explore new opportunities.

For more detailed information

E-mail address: or visit

Address Office 704-C, Aspin Commercial Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

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