“Due to systemic obstacles.” Mustafa Nayem resigns from the position of the head of the Agency for Reconstruction


The head of the State Agency for the Reconstruction and Development of the Infrastructure of Ukraine, Mustafa Nayem, has written an application to resign from his position “due to systemic obstacles that do not allow him to effectively carry out his duties.” This is the official wrote on his Facebook on June 10.

He noted that since November of last year, the Agency’s team began to face “constant opposition, opposition and the creation of artificial obstacles” and outlined three points for which he decided to leave the post.

In particular, the department’s budget for road restoration and maintenance projects was completely canceled, which, according to Nayem, will inevitably affect the condition of defense roads and, as a result, all military logistics.

“We began to have a “nightmare” with the bureaucracy, when documents for payment for defense structures, fortifications, or restoration were agreed upon by the government for months, returned six or eight times with ridiculous remarks, delayed for several months, and some have not been agreed to this day,” the post reads. .

In addition, Nayem noted, the Agency’s wages were cut – the lion’s share of employees were cut to 68% of wages, as a result of which 25% of the team has been lost since the beginning of the year.

“I believe that this was done deliberately so that the Agency, which to some extent has become a model for building processes from scratch, simply does not have professional and motivated people left, and the Agency itself is recognized as ineffective and unnecessary,” the official assured.

Nayem noted that he will perform his duties until the government makes a decision on his dismissal and will hand over the affairs to his successors.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has not yet commented on the situation.

Nayem has been working in the team since August 2021 previously released Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Reconstruction Oleksandr Kubrakov.

In January 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers created a new structure on the basis of the State Agency for Infrastructure Projects and the State Agency for Motor Roads – the State Agency for Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure of Ukraine. At the end of January last year, Nayem was appointed head of the newly created Recovery Agency.

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