Evacuated from Bakhmut and gave birth to a daughter weighing 770 grams: a gospel story


The story of happiness after pain and tears was told by the head of the regional clinical hospital named after I. Mechnikov in Dnipro.

An evangelical story that gives many examples of how to behave correctly in wartime so as not to lose precious life.

Serhii Ryzhenko, the general director of the Ilya Mechnikov regional clinical hospital in Dnipro, showed a young neonatologist doctor standing near a nursery with a newborn baby.

The doctor’s name is Tatyana Sulina and she is currently completely replacing the little girl’s mother.

And the baby’s mother’s name is Oleksandra. A few days ago, she nevertheless decided to evacuate from the battle-ravaged and destroyed Bakhmut.

“Everything will be fine with my child,” says Oleksandra now.

Serhiy Ryzhenko said that the young woman spent almost the entire pregnancy to the sounds of hundreds of gunshots, the roar of airplanes overhead. She was in the basement pregnant with a small child.

Serhii Ryzhenko, general director of the regional hospital named after I. Mechnikov in Dnipro. Photo: Facebook

“Bombs, mines, and shells were falling so close that the family left everything to survive, and went to the Dnipro by means of transport. On the way, she became ill, I asked to be taken to Mechnikov,” said Mr. Ryzhenko.

The council decided: without wasting time, the woman was taken to the operating room.

“A little Ukrainian girl was born, who became the favorite of a large heroic team, weighing 770 grams and 33 cm tall,” the head of the hospital shared the news about the birth of a little girl.

Now, neonatologist Tetyana Sulina helps the girl gain weight, grow and gain strength, does not leave her even for a minute.

And the girl’s mother is also recovering and misses her native Bakhmut, who loves her and wants to return to the city after the war.

“To have happiness without war and tears…” writes the head of the hospital Serhii Ryzhenko.

By the way, several thousand residents remain in Bakhmut, among them are minor children. The Cabinet of Ministers made a decision on the forced evacuation of children. Refusal is not allowed. A child must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or legal representative during evacuation.

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