Fashion trends in sneakers that should be preserved in 2023


Y2K fashion will remain popular in 2023, and so will New Balance.
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Combine sports shoes with casual clothes

Hoka Challenger ATR 6

Massive boots have now firmly become part of everyday clothing. So expect to see more shoes Hoka One One Asics, On and Salomon in 2023 in and out of the gym.

“What’s interesting is that brands are very focused on performance. They’re not really focused on looking cool,” said Heather Newberger, fashion stylist, author and television commentator . “But now they’re getting cool with this idea, like, oh yeah, you really have to walk everywhere.”

Some specific silhouettes expected to be popular with consumers in the new year include Hoka Clifton and Asics Gel-Kayano, stylists say. Another good example of this trend is Salomon XT-6.

“The Salomon XT-6 is a great shoe for 2023 for the simple fact that you get a good, comfortable shoe that appeals to many different consumers,” said Bryce Moore, sneaker and fashion Youtuber . The Salomon XT-6 is available in a wide range of colors in general editions and collaborations .

It’s going to be another great year for New Balance

New Balance 993 Eme Leon Dor
New Balance 993 Eme Leon Dor

New Balance, yes, the brand synonymous with “dad shoes” is very popular right now.

According to Moore, New Balance has been in the sneaker community since 2019. Cooperation with such designers as JJJJound and Joe Freshgoods boosted the popularity of silhouettes like the 990 V3 and 993.

Moore predicts that massive New Balance 1096R could be the brand’s next big sneaker.

The 1096R is similar to the 2002R, which has grown in popularity among sneaker enthusiasts since its 2021 release “Protection Pack” a line of suede-on-mesh sneakers designed to look worn.

Dunks and New Balance 550s are no longer “it” shoes

Nike Dunk'Panda' with X

With so many pairs of Dunks and New Balance 550s released to the public during the pandemic, will be easy to spot on the streets in 2023, but the hype for these shoes will cool off this year.

But Adidas’ Samba is having a moment

adidas samba
Samba Adidas

“The Samba is probably the successor to the New Balance 550 or the Nike Dunk,” Moore said.

The Samba has been around since 1949 when it debuted as a football boot. This year, Adidas releases a long-awaited collaboration with the designer JJJJound . The company also successfully cooperates with British designer Grace Wales Bonner over several releases of Samba, including June 2022.

“Football coaches, also known as Sambas, are really active right now. And in many ways it is connected with the hysteria after the World Cup,” Newberger said. “It’s a shoe they’ve loved for a long time in the UK or abroad.”

Yeezys fell out of favor

Yeezy with X
Yeezys are out

Wearing Yeezys will officially go out of fashion in 2023 after Adidas and Ye divorce .

The rapper, formerly known as Kanye West, was dropped by Adidas in October after a public spat and numerous anti-Semitic comments.

Brendan Cannon Stylist Cannon Media Group Brendan Cannon Stylist Cannon Media Group gave this shoe a “bad shade”.

Adidas now plans to release Yeezy silhouettes without Ye or Yeezy branding as early as this year. But for it won’t be the same for many sneaker lovers .

“Yeezy’s not making them, so Yeezy’s stock is going to drop,” Moore said.

Wear sneakers with comfortable clothes and dresses too

Sneakers with a dress
Combining sneakers with a dress in London

Comfortable and casual clothing has long been the best way to style your favorite pair of sneakers. And the casual trend will continue, stylists predict.

“Everyone will prefer a relaxed and cool cut because it’s also cutting edge,” Cannon said.

The casual look in 2023 involves wearing straight or baggy trousers and an oversized t-shirt or vest. Tracksuits and tracksuits are also making a comeback. Wearing sneakers with dresses is also permissible.

“Gwen Stefani was at the forefront” of dresses and sneakers, Cannon said. But the look is making a comeback because it combines comfort and style.

The ecological style impresses with sneakers

Unless it's Collective sneakers "Degenerate"which are biodegradable
Unless the Collective “Degenerate” sneakers are biodegradable.

According to Newberger and Cannon, more brands are catering to millennial and Gen Z shoppers’ desire to have a mother ecological clothes.

Well-known shoe brands such as Allbirds and Veja are well known for producing eco-friendly sneakers.Industry giants Nike and Adidas have begun promoting the use of recycled plastic in some of their designs.

There are also plenty of shoe startups with a sole focus on sustainability, including Holo, Blueview. Unless Collective a Portland, Oregon-based streetwear startup founded by a former Adidas executive, recently released a new shoe called Degenerate that decomposes at the end of its useful life.

Y2K style is here to stay in 2023

Air Max 96 II'White/Grape Ice'
Air Max 96 II ‘White/Grape Ice’

For older millennials, Y2K fashion, dubbed “retro,” seems a bit clunky. Expect that uncomfortable feeling a little longer, stylists say.

This trend was largely brought back by generation Z and TikTok, where numerous videos are hashtagged #Y2KFashion show you how to dress like it’s the late 90s or the beginning of nothing. Popular items of clothing include mini skirts, chunky trainers, oversized t-shirts, children’s t-shirts and leather jackets. And the louder the colors and materials, the better.

When it comes to shoes, Y2K fashion includes platform shoes and boots and massive sneakers, which often peek out from baggy jeans.

“Bringing it back seems perfect at this point because it was all about comfort and style,” Cannon said.

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