Martin Scorsese recorded a video message to Ukrainians with words of support


Multiple Oscar winner director Martin Scorsese expressed his admiration for the Ukrainians in the war with Russia, who “courageously and persistently” fight against barbarism

The video appeared on the UNITED24 page in Instagram.

Hollywood director and producer Martin Scorsese supported Ukrainians and called on the world to donate in support of Ukraine.

“My dear Ukrainians, fellow citizens of the world, my name is Martin Scorsese, and I am sending this message just to say that you are not alone. We admire your courage, perseverance, resilience and extraordinary, amazing determination in the face of this barbarism, this unspeakable barbarism,” Scorsese addressed the residents of Ukraine.

He compared the strength of our people’s spirit in this struggle with light.

“At this moment, your spirit, the strength of your spirit, is like light. It is the light of the whole world. And I pray that it will be bright enough to guide you through this darkness,” said the eminent director.

At the end of the video, there was a call to support Ukraine with donations through UNITED24.

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