Fashion trends of 2023 according to Depop


Depop Brand Director Steve Doole shared interesting information on topics expected to dominate in 2023, according to the resale app’s own data.

“Fashion has always been a reflection of our collective moods and emerging trends in the wider pop culture,” says Dul. “At Depop, it’s no surprise that we see trends emerge earlier and earlier every year.”

“On Depop, these trend predictions can be tracked through search and demand from existing users within the app, informing key cultural moments such as upcoming blockbuster releases, a new class of cultural tastes and, to some extent, what we’ve seen recently this season.” . Below is what we learned.


Over the past year or two, a constant thread of sea sirens has been in fashion – from Maryam Nasir Zade and Blumarine to Jacquema Le splash and Khloe – and according to Depop, this aesthetic isn’t going away anytime soon. Much of this has to do with the silhouettes that dominate the Y2K era trends we’ve seen on the rise: mermaid dresses and midi skirts, layered flip-flops, crocheted and delicately beaded accessories, or chunky hand-blown glass pendants . Depop has seen an 88% increase in searches for Mermaidcore, as well as a 500% increase in searches for other ocean related items like Pirate Boots. Pop culture references worth knowing include the 2006 film “ Aquamarine.and Brooke Shields at “Blue Lagoon”, always.

Sleaze grunge

By now you’re pretty familiar with Indie Sleaze, but have you heard of Grunge Sleaze? It’s a trend that Depop pioneered after seeing a 176% increase in searches for the term. Denim clothes plays an important role here, but it has been redone in dirty, washed-out shades. Take inspiration from Julia Fox’s DIY and split outfits, or turn to longtime style muse Bella Hadid. Along with denim, you’ll find that leather is just as prolific with its smoothness. Think diesel microminis or clothes by Ludovic de Saint Sernin, who was recently appointed creative director by Ann Demeulemeester.

Retro supplies

Retro clothing never goes out of style, but with fans in style Harry Styles and Grace Wales Bonner we are seeing a renewed interest in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Depop considers success Gucci HA HA HA cooperation with former creative designer Alessandro Michele and Harry Styles as the cause of the phenomenon, thanks to a combined 171% increase in vest and knit vest searches.


Depop would also like us to know that the Space Age is coming back in 2023, and as with all recycled trends, it’s coming with a twist. The focus is on shimmering ethereal materials and textures, and the Depop community is on the lookout for everything from Paco Rabanne-esque chain mail to Mugler-esque bodysuits. Add big boots and sunglasses for aliens , to add a futuristic, sci-fi twist to the celestial theme, and if you need a pop culture anchor, just look at the wardrobe Dua Lipa and Rosalia for inspiration.

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