Firms of the Russian criminal authority Misha-Krysha received one and a half hectares of land on Volodymyrsk Hill


While the attention of the main part of the people is focused on the events at the front, some people successfully solve their problems, which have nothing to do with the front or the people. Instead, they are related to their pockets and the historical memory of the Ukrainian people.

As reported by blogger Volodymyr Bondarenko, Russian citizen Dmytro Buryak and Israeli citizen Mykhailo Chornyi gathered to build Volodymyr Hill in Kyiv. These are plots with cadastral numbers No. 8000000000:82:002:0005, 8000000000:82:005:0021 and 80000000000:82:005:0022, located at 4 and 6 Volodymyrsky descent. The total area is one and a half hectares. But the value of these one and a half hectares of Kyiv land multiplies their location – in the very heart of historic Kyiv, near the monument to St. Volodymyr:

The fact that as a result of this construction the monument will simply collapse, no one cares. The construction of the slopes of the Dnieper near the Mariinsky Palace and the Verkhovna Rada, for example, did not worry me.

But the very obvious absurdity of the development of Volodymyrska Hill fades against the background of who will lead it. As Volodymyr Bondarenko reports, “Ereks” LLC and “Building Technologies” PJSC won the courts in the Kyiv City Council and received the right to build in the historical part of the city. Both companies are owned by Russian citizen Dmytro Buryak.

Dmytro Arkadiyovich Buryak is a well-known Russian entrepreneur, the founder of the network marketing company Vision International People Group, which is engaged in the production and sale of bio-supplements. According to the “Cyklovyki” resource, in Ukraine Buryak controls the DeVision development company, one of whose projects is the multifunctional complex “Domosfera” in Kyiv, which includes two shopping centers, the Ramada Encore hotel and the “Europa” office center. According to the Ucontrol resource in Ukraine, at least 53 legal entities belong to Buryak:

But in fact, according to the blogger, Dmytro Buryak is only a name for a much more serious person, which is the citizen of Israel Mykhailo Semenovich Chornyi, better known as “Misha-Krysha”.

If all this is true, then the decisions of the courts (first of all, we are talking about the liquidated OASK), which allowed the destruction of the Volodymyr hill – according to Bondarenko, “Deripaska was running in sixes in Misha-Krysha” become clear. The extent to which the Russian criminal world and Russian oligarchs have retained their influence in Ukraine is known to everyone who is at least slightly interested in the real state of affairs in the country.

Whether or not Deripaska ran in sixes in Misha-Krysha is a debatable question, but the fact that these two people were partners in the aluminum business in the space of the collapsed USSR, no one denies.

Being an intelligent person, Mykhailo Chornyi received Israeli citizenship in 1994, where he has been for many years, although in 2004 the state of Israel began the procedure for depriving him of his citizenship. However, he did not lose his connections and his business in the territory of the former USSR.

Among the partners in Ukraine at Misha-Krysha is Ihor Kolomoiskyi. It is not known under what conditions these two people cooperate, but among their joint projects is the attempt to develop the territory of the former Kyivgum factory. However, something did not grow there, and the territory was given to another developer. Be that as it may, Mykhailo Chornyi was repeatedly spotted among people who visited Igor Kolomoiskyi in Israel. It is not known what they talked about and whether they agreed on what.

Instead, it is known that companies from the entourage of the criminal authorities of the Soviet era, which have connections with the biggest figures of the criminal world of modern Russia and Russian oligarchs, received a donation of one and a half hectares of land in the historical center of Kyiv. You can guess what they will do there. It is unlikely that long-term trials were conducted to break up the flowerbed at the foot of the monument to St. Volodymyr.

As for the Kyiv City Council, Vina has at least officially announced that it will contest the allocation of land on the slopes of the Dnipro to companies of criminal authority:

Time will tell how successful this struggle will be. But the fact that companies owned by Russians and Russian criminals have been operating in Ukraine for nine years after the start of the war speaks for itself and raises a well-known skepticism about the veracity of the statements of the authorities.

Author: Dmytro Kravchenko

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