Flood in Kyiv: the owner of a Volkswagen convertible caught fish directly from the car


The flood in Ukraine did not bring problems to everyone – some citizens are trying to find positive moments in the elements.

So, in Kyiv, a motorist decided to catch fish directly from his Volkswagen Eos convertible.

This is reported by “Avtocentr”.

Since the water level in Kyiv rose by several meters, the parking lot at the entrance to Trukhaniv Island was flooded and you can fish directly from there.

A Ukrainian drove a Volkswagen Eos straight into the water, lowered the roof and folded back the front seat.

He put the spinner directly in the interior of the car, and the frame of the windshield became the focal point for it.

It is not yet known what the fisherman’s catch was, but the photo shows that the Volkswagen Eos and its owner attracted the attention of others.

There were many people willing to take pictures of the fishing car. However, no one else dared to repeat the trick.

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