Fresh soup recipe from a resident of Hodomych


A resident of the village of Hodomichi Kateryna Patsyuk (Dmytruk) told and showed how to cook soup from pork, kidneys, lungs or liver.

This dish is prepared when the house is fresh. At least twice a year – before Easter and before Christmas. It is on these days, preparing for the holidays, that the peasants butcher a pig, writes “Brought to the village“.

Fresh – this is the name of the first dishes prepared from a freshly slaughtered pig. The first thing the wheelwrights bring into the house is the wheelwright’s meat, which the hostess roasts for everyone’s dinner. But in addition to fried food, the villages of Volyn still prepare a kind of fresh soup. In Hodomychy it is called bikus.

“Kidney, soft meat, a couple of pieces, a couple of ribs, a piece of brisket, the tail is cut, the liver is thrown in, whoever likes it, light. So that there would be a smell of tribenko,” says grandmother Katya and cuts pieces on a cutting board.

Most often, only she is trusted to cook this dish at home – because the dish is ancient. Apparently, the name of this soup was borrowed from the Poles, who at one time lived in the Volyn region. Only traditional Polish bikus or bigos is sauerkraut stewed with meat, potatoes, carrots, etc. Our recipe is exclusively about fresh soup. Not only with meat, but also with pieces of entrails – kidneys, lungs or liver.

“It’s good to wash everything away. Throw it in a bathhouse, fill it with water and boil it. It is necessary to collect the foam, if it is not very well soaked, then everything is fresh. And then rub the carrots, give the onion, a leaf, pepper, salt. Even if you fry it, let it boil like that. This is how I cook. I throw it all away. That is bicus. We cook like this, and we used to cook like this. And tipiro some also throw potatoes, but with potatoes it is not real. Maybe he is called somewhere. I’m telling you: every force has its own plum,” continues grandmother Katya.

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