Thanks to the Ministry of Health, the Black Sea Hospital received modern medical equipment


A 64-slice Revolution Maxima CT scanner, manufactured by GE, was delivered to the Black Sea Hospital in Odesa. Medical equipment, including 6 such devices, was purchased at the expense of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The cost of the tomograph is UAH 15 million. Thanks to the appearance of such medical equipment, doctors of the Black Sea Hospital will be able to use x-ray techniques capable of assessing morphological changes in organs and tissues, and based on this, make a clinical diagnosis. Residents of the region will be able to receive high-quality diagnosis of their condition and medical assistance of the highest level.

In the near future, this medical equipment will be installed and put into operation, and the medical team of the Black Sea Hospital will undergo training to work with the equipment.

Computed tomography is a radiodiagnostic method that is widely used for the study of internal organs, detection of bleeding, tumors of various nature, in polytrauma.

Such equipment is a special X-ray unit that rotates around the patient’s body and takes pictures from different angles. The images are processed and summarized by a computer. Computed tomography is based on measurement and complex computer processing of how much X-ray radiation is attenuated in tissues of different densities. It is very important that with the help of the device settings, you can adjust the thickness of the section and achieve high diagnostic accuracy.

The main advantages of computed tomography include:

– obtaining a three-dimensional image of the object, which is diagnosed as part of the human body, with subsequent reconstruction;

– possibility to get a clear picture of all bones and soft tissues;

– painlessness of the procedure;

– speed of scanning and processing of received data;

– high accuracy of information;

– the possibility of storing the image in the computer memory;

– simplicity of research;

– excellent visualization of hollow organs.

In addition, this research method, in contrast to research by magnetic resonance imaging, can be applied to patients who have metal and electronic devices (implants) in the body.

We will remindrecently a computer tomograph was also delivered to the Bukovyna Clinical Oncology Center.

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