Glasses do not fog up: Swiss scientists boasted of a new technology


Scientists from the Swiss Higher School in Zurich have developed nanotechnology that prevents fogging of glasses in case of a temperature drop or wearing a mask.

About this informs Nature.

The gold nano-coating heats the glass to about 8 degrees, absorbing a large amount of infrared radiation. Unlike other methods that simply distribute water using hydrophilic molecules, this method prevents the very beginning of the condensation process.

The 10nm coating contains gold between layers of titanium oxide, which not only enhance the heating effect through refraction, but also protect the gold from wear. The design will also not lead to overheating in warm weather, as it prevents radiation from reaching the other side of the glasses.

The scientists emphasize that they created this technology using conventional manufacturing methods. In other words, companies may not have to upgrade their production lines.

Although gold is an expensive material, the amount required is so small (the layer for the glasses is about 12 times thinner than ordinary gold leaf) that it should not significantly increase the price of the glasses. However, the team plans to explore the use of other metals.

The research team believes this invention is also useful for reducing fogging of car windshields, mirrors and other surfaces.

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