Yuri the Great parodied the president and his “quarrel” with his wife


Yurii Velikiy joked about the consequences for Zelenskyi, who complained that breakfast was not prepared for him.

The actor of the studio “Kvartal 95” Yuriy Veliky, who became famous for parodies of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi, made fun with a new improvisation. He joked about the so-called “quarrel” between the president and his wife, Olena Zelenska.

In an interview for Natalia Moseychuk, Zelensky’s “double” told whether he would make new parodies of the president. During the conversation, the presenter recalled a recent interview in which the relationship between Olena Zelenska and her husband was discussed. Then Zelenskyi said that he no one cooks breakfast.

Zelenska’s reaction to the president’s words / screenshot

This topic made Ukrainians laugh, because the reaction of the First Lady had to be seen. She looked at Zelensky with such a look that perhaps even the president himself regretted what he said. Commenting on this topic, Velikiy began to improvise.

The president’s “doppelgänger” joked that nowadays nobody really prepares breakfast for Zelenskyi. Not only that, he was also left without dinner.

“You know, Natalia, I will not make any statements now. Because when you say something, when a woman is nearby, you need to check every word, think about what you say. You are right, I gave an interview to CNN together with my wife. And somehow I uncertainly said there that no one cooks me breakfast. My wife looked at me like that… And now I can confidently say that now no one cooks breakfast for me. I’ll tell you more, no one cooks dinner for me anymore. It’s good, although Yermak buys hot dogs at gas stations… I even called “Breakfast with 1+1″, and they told me that they won’t cook breakfast either,” said Veliky in Zelensky’s voice.

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