How Kyivites can help plants in greenhouses


Since the beginning of the heating season in Kyiv, they have been fighting for the preservation of unique collections.

With the funds of benefactors, 10 batches of pellets have already been purchased for heating the greenhouses of the Hryshko National Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. But there is still a month of winter ahead, and there is a great need for fuel for the boiler houses. So every contribution goes to the charity fundPeli can livewhich collects funds for the project “heat for greenhouses” is important.

Yes, as of February 3, there were more than 5,900 transfers. The amounts are different — from a few dollars in currency to 100,000 hryvnias! The average bill is 500 hryvnias. The organizers of the fundraiser emphasize that every donation is important, because it helps to save the collection of more than four thousand plants that have been collected for more than half a century.

As she toldYana Bobrov, co-founder of the foundationah, they appreciate every donor, and are ready to personally thank all botsard angels, as they call donors.

“Evening Kyiv” collected three short stories about donors and their motivation for a good cause.

Among them is Vlad Volodin. Botsad was the first location that Vlad discovered for himself in October 2014, when he came to Kyiv from Kremenchuk. In the greenhouses, he liked a plant — Echinocactus Gruson, Echinocactus grusonii Hildm. (Cactaceae), which has the status of endangered in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The guy doesn’t miss an opportunity to take a commemorative photo next to this cactus.

A young man, a popular blogger on social networks, in particular on Instagram and Tik-Tok, draws the attention of his audience to the problem with heating in Botsad. And quite effectively, because as the Peli can live foundation assures, after each of his posts, the number of top-ups to the “heat for greenhouses” account increases.

Yury Yeroshenko and the azaleas, which he contributed to saving. Collage: Natalia Slinkina

Yuri Yeroshenko, a native of Kyiv, is one of the biggest benefactors of the fund. A successful IT entrepreneur transferred 100,000 hryvnias for heat for greenhouses. What’s more, he honestly admits that he was at the botanic garden a long time ago.

I learned that there is a problem with the heating of greenhouses from one of the programs on YouTube, became interested in the topic and found an account to pay.

“I was surprised that the famous botanic garden had a problem with heating the greenhouses. It is clear that the war and the priorities of the state are defense and protection, however, I believe that such a unique collection should be preserved and I am glad to help in this. I understand that even this amount is only a part of what is needed,” Yuriy told Vechirka.

They help the project in different ways. Thus, the company that makes puzzles based on the illustrations of Ukrainian artists released a special series for Independence Day. 50 percent of the cost of each box is transferred to aid for the Armed Forces, but the project was also included in this list#greenhouse heating. Interestingly, the company emphasizes that they are a socially responsible business and that “no trees were harmed” in the production of their puzzles.

“Personally, I believe that every Ukrainian business should understand that victory depends on each of us and every contribution is important! But now everyone is tired, it’s no longer interesting to report just like that. You need a “story” and the fact that a person feels that they are grateful for this participation. It is also important to show where the funds are going. That’s why we talk about the heat for the boatyard and report each time how we transfer the funds for this project,” said Ksenia, the founder of the Frisson brand.

By the way, to support #greenhouse heating charity fairs, various excursions, and even a tea ceremony dedicated to the first flowering of the camellia were held in the botsard.

Azaleas and camellias are beginning to bloom in mass in the greenhouses of the botanic garden. So the people of Kyiv are invited to see the beauty that needs warmth. Each ticket to the conservatory is a small contribution to the preservation of the national heritage.

You can join the fundraisinghere.Under today’s heating conditions, every 100 hryvnias donated is 4.5 minutes of heat for greenhouses connected to pellet boilers.

Natalka MARKIV

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