“I call on Ukraine to become the “Switzerland of Eurasia””, – Dmytro Firtash


Entrepreneur Dmytro Firtash called on Ukraine to abandon the path to NATO membership and declare neutrality, because “everyone will benefit” from this.

Direct speech of Firtash: “My question today is: why should Ukraine be forced to choose between anti-Russia and NATO membership or pro-Russian orientation and anti-NATO? Why can’t we be neutral – the “Switzerland of Eurasia”? This would correspond to the historical position of Ukraine, which goes back to the Middle Ages, at the trade crossroads between Europe and Asia,” said Firtash’s article.

This is my view on the current crisis: America, Europe and Russia can benefit from a neutral Ukraine as economic and trading partners.

I have little doubt that I speak for many Ukrainians who would like to have the best of both worlds — neutrality, trade with all, and good relations with all. And why not? This would mean more jobs and prosperity for Ukraine. A neutral Ukraine should not be seen as a threat to America, Europe or Russia.”

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