A recipe for cooking shish kebab in an air grill


Many of us adore cooked meat on skewers. Toasted on the outside, but juicy on the inside, aromatic and smoky pieces are an indispensable delicacy of outdoor recreation. This dish is always associated with weekends, holidays and a good mood! Not everyone knows, but cook barbecue in an air grill extremely simple! The need to go out, find a place and firewood, light a fire, etc. is automatically eliminated.

Ingredients for cooking kebabs in an air grill:

  1. Meat pulp (pork, veal) – 500 gr.;
  2. Onions – 2 pcs.;
  3. Soy sauce – 3 tbsp. spoons;
  4. Sour cream (of any fat) – 1 tbsp. spoon;
  5. Mayonnaise – 1 tbsp. spoon;
  6. Seasonings – to taste (universal or special, for meat);
  7. Salt (if not in seasoning).


  1. Skewers;
  2. Air grill;
  3. Container for marinating meat;
  4. Than;
  5. Cutting board;
  6. Spoon or spatula for mixing meat.

Cooking barbecue in an air grill.

Step 1: Cut the meat

Before placing the meat in the air grill, it must be washed, cut and marinated. It is important here what size each piece will be, because if it is too small, there is a high risk of overcooking (the meat will burn and be very dry). If the pieces are too large, the meat inside will not have time to cook. The optimal size of “bars” is 2×4 cm.

Step 2: Prepare the marinade

There are dozens of variations on the theme of marinade, because someone likes a delicate creamy taste, while someone likes something more spicy. In the first case, you can use sour cream, mayonnaise and even kefir base for pickling. In the second case, many different spices are added. It can be black, red pepper, suneli hops, adjika, etc. For this recipe, we chose a neutral mixture that emphasizes the merits of the main ingredient – meat. So, in a container for marinating meat, mix mayonnaise, sour cream, soy sauce, salt and spices. Mix everything thoroughly.

Step 3: Cut the onion

Cut the onion into thick circles, which we will later “dress” on the skewers together with the meat. Importantly! If the onion is cut very thinly, it will dry out and become tasteless during cooking. Add onions to the marinade.

Step 4. Marinate the meat

Pieces of cooked meat are placed in a container with marinade. Mix thoroughly so that the sauce covers both the upper and lower layers. We cover the meat with a lid and let the products soak for at least an hour.

Step 5. Thread the meat onto skewers

Marinated meat is easily pierced with the sharp end of a skewer. So that you don’t have to invent a side dish for barbecue in an air grill, alternate pieces of meat with your favorite vegetables.

Step 6. We put the sawdust in the air grill

Place the existing sawdust on the bottom of the air grill. The most common option is alder, an interesting effect is given by cherry. No way do not use sawdust from coniferous trees. Firstly, they secrete resin (impregnating the meat with this smell), secondly, they add bitterness to the finished dish.

Step 7. Cooking kebabs in an air grill

When placing skewers with meat in the air grill, keep a certain distance between them, because the hot air streams created by the device should move freely near the food being prepared, evenly covering it with heat. It is not recommended to cook kebabs on the upper grid of the air grill, as there is a possibility that the meat will lose its taste and become dry.

The optimal time for preparing shish kebab in the described way is 35-40 minutes. The fan of the device, rotating at an average speed, will quickly bring the “divine” aromas of meat to those in the room.

Step 8. Serving shish kebab from an air grill

Serving shish kebab prepared in an air grill is no different from the usual one. If you and your guests like to remove the meat from the skewers yourself, serve it on a large tray, placing it in the center of the table. In that case, if you are used to eating carefully – remove the meat and vegetables on separate plates. Decoration in the form of fresh vegetables and greens will be very appropriate. Barbecues are a great reason to get together with friends. Surprise them and your loved ones with an unusual treat, on an ordinary day!

Bon appetit!


– As an experiment, you can fry chicken meat. Such kebabs are better digested by the body, have a more delicate structure and low calorie content. It is also worth noting that poultry dishes are prepared faster. Lovers of the exotic will surely appreciate lamb or wild animal kebabs;

– Fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes), greens go well with kebabs. Their presence on the table will appropriately “dilute” the main dish, they are ideal for decoration;

– The longer the meat is in the marinade, the tastier it will be after cooking. It is best to let the meat marinate in the evening. If the weather is cool outside, you can not put the meat with the marinade in the refrigerator. It is not recommended to take such a risk in the heat;

– Pieces of meat on a skewer can be alternated with vegetables: potato, zucchini, tomato;

– Since no oil is used in the preparation of such meat, the dish can be called healthy;

– In some cases, before cooking meat in an air grill, it is sprinkled with several spoons of liquid smoke. This will add more aroma, but unfortunately, you will not be able to forget that it is only an imitation.

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