In February, one new player appeared in the non-bank financial services market, while 53 participants left the market


The number of non-bank financial market participants in February decreased from 1,436 (as of January 31, 2023) to 1,384 (as of February 28, 2023).

The number of banks remained unchanged at 67 in February.

One is included in the register an insurer with a special status. At the same time, 53 participants of the non-banking financial services market were excluded from the registers: 13 financial companies, one insurer, two pawnbrokers, one credit union, one leasing company and three insurance brokers were excluded from the registers voluntarily, and the other 30 financial companies, one pawnbroker and one lessor were forcibly excluded from the registers. .

In February, licenses were issued to two financial companies. At the same time, 15 financial companies, one insurer, three pawnshops, one credit union and one leasing company had all their licenses revoked voluntarily (on the basis of their applications), and the other six financial companies, one insurer and two leasing companies had their licenses revoked compulsorily (as a measure of influence). In addition, three financial companies had part of their licenses revoked voluntarily, and two more financial companies had their licenses revoked compulsorily.

The licenses of three financial companies and one lessor were renewed.

As of February 28, 115 non-life insurers (there were 116 in January) and 12 life insurers (the number did not change), one insurer with a special status, 176 pawn shops (there were 179), 159 credit unions (there were 160) worked in the non-bank market. , 95 leasing companies (up from 97), 701 financial companies (up from 744), 58 insurance brokers (up from 61) and 67 collection companies (the number did not change).

In addition, 25 banking groups (the number did not change) and 22 non-banking financial groups (there were 23) were recognized on the market.

There are 37 payment systems (there were 38) created by residents, including state ones, and 16 international payment systems created by non-residents (the number has not changed) on the payment market. In addition, providers of financial payment services operate on the market, among them three banks – issuers of electronic money (the number has not changed). Other subjects operating on the payment market include 41 commercial agents (there were 40) and 35 technological operators of payment services (the number did not change).

In February, the National Bank received 345 requests from market participants for registration and licensing actions. The number of inquiries regarding financial companies, pawnshops and lessors was 160. The number of inquiries regarding credit institutions (banks and credit unions) – 89, insurers – 74, payment institutions – 22.

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