In India, the groom canceled the wedding because of the bride’s bad grades


In India, a groom called off his wedding allegedly only because his bride got low marks in her 12th grade exam.

The incident took place in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This was reported by

The bride’s family claimed that the groom’s family canceled the wedding because their dowry demands were not met.

The bride’s father alleged that the groom’s family tried to end the relationship by telling them that the girl had low grades in class 12. Worried about this, he filed a complaint against the groom and his family demanding strict action from the police.

The bride’s father reportedly spent more than 60,000 rupees (US$725) on the ceremony and also gave the groom a gold ring worth 15,000 rupees (US$180).

However, a few days after the ceremony, the groom’s family increased their dowry demands.

When the bride’s father said he could not give more dowry, the groom’s family broke off the union, saying the girl had low grades.

It is reported that the bride’s family even tried to convince the relative-to-be, but the groom remained steadfast in his demands, prompting the bride’s father to seek help from the police.

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