In January, Ukraine imported a record volume of automobile gasoline


In January 2023, the volume of automobile gasoline imports to Ukraine exceeded 200,000 tons, almost a third of the product was shipped from Romania

According to the data of the “A-95” Consulting Group, last month Ukrainian importers cleared 202.6 thousand tons of gasoline, which is the highest figure in the last few years, writes enkorr.

Supplies are growing for the second month in a row due to companies’ intentions to build up stocks before the introduction of an embargo on the supply of Russian oil products to Europe. Purchase volumes were also affected by the increase in gasoline consumption by generator owners.

Romania was the largest destination for gasoline supplies to Ukraine last month. In January, Romanian companies shipped 63.4 thousand tons of product to our country. More than 40% of deliveries from this direction were made by the products of the OMV Petrom and Rompetrol refineries.

Other major suppliers of gasoline were Poland, Lithuania and Greece. These three countries together shipped 81.6 thousand tons of product.

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