In Kyiv, they explained why not all kindergartens are open


Far fewer children attend preschool today than before the full-scale invasion.

In Kyiv, full-time kindergartens were resumed in June 2022. In total, 96,000 children are enrolled in kindergartens, and 22,000 visit them every day.

She told about it Director of the Department of Education and Science, Olena Fidanyan in ether “KyivVHOLOS” program.

“It is almost 5 times less. In this case, 5 times less kindergartens would have to work. We opened more, – noted Olena Fidanyan. “As a community, we cannot maintain kindergartens attended by 2-3 children.”

The availability of shelter is also a necessary criterion for the operation of kindergartens.

“Unfortunately, in kindergartens, there is often no place for shelter at all. We use the basement. But in some districts, such as Obolonskyi, which was built on sand, basements were not built in preschool institutions, – the director of the Department of Education and Science of Kyiv drew attention. — Therefore, we have a minimal opportunity to use basements in kindergartens for shelter. But the main reason that not all kindergartens work is low demand.”

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