In the USA, a woman won more than 750 million dollars in the lottery


In the USA, a resident of the state of Washington became a millionaire. She bought a lottery ticket for 8 dollars, instead she received 754 million dollars. This is reported by Yahoo.

American woman Becky Bell was said to be shopping with her daughter at a Fred Meyer grocery store in Auburn, Washington. There she bought a Powerball lottery ticket.

The day before, the woman had already bought a ticket, but when, passing by the kiosk, she saw on the sign that the amount of the jackpot was 747 million dollars, she decided to try again. She noticed the number 747 as a sign, since she has been working for the Boeing 747 company for 36 years.

“Then it dawned on me… I had to buy another ticket,” Bell said.

The next day she checked her tickets. The first ticket did not win, and the scan of the second one showed that it won, so she needs to contact the lottery office.

“I’ve never won more than $20 in my life, so you can imagine my shock when I realized what had just happened,” she told the agency. “I just cried.”

At first, the woman thought that she had won 7 million, but her children explained that the winning amount was more than 700 million dollars.

Winning the jackpot will allow the newly minted millionaire to retire from Boeing a few months early.

Of the $754 million, Becky Bell’s family received only half, as the full amount was to be paid to her over 30 years, and half could be withdrawn immediately.

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