Just in the center of the city: the largest Roman mosaic in the last 50 years was found in London


British archaeologists discovered part of a mosaic floor from the Roman period in central London. It became the largest of its kind found here in the last half century.

Source:The Gurdian

A large Roman mosaic was found in London

Researchers at the Museum of London Archeology (MOLA) believe they have found an 8-metre-long fragment of the floor of a Roman dining room at an estate or hotel for high-ranking officials.

They assume that in this room there were dining couches, sitting on which people reclined and admired the decorative floor. Probably, the walls were also richly decorated.

The mosaic was found during excavations in central London / Photo by MOLA

The mosaic consists of two panels. They depict large, bright flowers surrounded by interlaced bands and a lotus with a variety of geometric elements, including a pattern known as Solomon’s knot.

The find is dated 2-3 centuries. David Neill, a specialist in Roman mosaics, believes that this design is the work of a team of mosaic artists called the “Acanta Group” who worked in London and developed their own unique style.

This is a unique find in London. It was an honor for me to work on such a large site where the Roman archeology was not damaged by later activity,
– shared Antonietta Lertz, head of excavations of the museum.

The mosaic is dated to the 2nd – 3rd centuries / Photo by MOLA

Not far from the mosaic, traces of another Roman building were found, which was probably the residence of a wealthy person or family. Remains of painted walls, terrazzo mosaic floors, as well as coins and jewels were found there. Among them are a decorated bronze brooch, a bone pin and a sewing needle.

“It was in the heyday of Roman London. The buildings in this area had a very high status, and the people who lived here lived a good life,” added Antonietta Lertz.

The found mosaic is planned to be removed and “preserved”. It is hoped that in the future it will be put on public display, so that everyone who wants to can get to know this page of London’s history better.

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