Kostyantyn Kryvopust: after the cancellation of the tour in Israel, the “Lenkom” theater called the Israelis “a swagger”


After cancellation of tours in Israel the Moscow theater “Lenkom” published in the Russian mass media open letter full of Maidan addressed to the Israelis, who did not wish to see supporters of Russian aggression against Ukraine in their country.

Protest petitions against his arrival, signed by many thousands of Israelis, the theater called “a flurry of low-level sloppiness, interspersed with threats from the town’s communal kitchen”, “badly arranged evil shows”, and the initiators and participants of the protest campaign “, “Huchko is pounded with balls”.

In the open letter, the activists of the protest campaign are attributed some self-serving motives, and its vocabulary will make elderly repatriates from the former USSR remember the newspapers of the Soviet era – it is this language that the party mass media used for decades to brand various enemies of the people. This is the language spoken today by the “great Russian culture”, whose leader the “Lenkom” theater considers itself to be:

Israeli ” “Ivans who do not remember kinship”, writhing in powerless anger, portraying victorious joy, just once again demonstrated the unattractive appearance of the “defenders of Ukraine”, sitting contentedly on the necks of the governments of various countries. The same “patriots” who fled from the “beloved” Ukraine”, with its anti-Semitic and Russophobic marches and slogans, open marches in honor of Bandera and the SS division “Galichyna”, with its ardent, national-fascist speeches of leading politicians, glorification of Nazism and open multi-year war against the Russians in Donbas. led to the “Holocaust” and World War II” .

The letter ends with an appeal to the Israeli authorities – the Moscow actors expect some “assessments” and organizational reports from them:

“We consider Israel to be a democratic country and we very much expect to receive an assessment of the official government’s corrupt and destructive behavior, which we have encountered in absentia, and our Russian colleagues have already encountered in person. We regret and consider it unacceptable that issues of humanitarian and cultural cooperation end up in the hands of an aggressive and hooligan-minded handful of citizens who speak on behalf of Israel.”

After such a letter, even those Israelis who wanted to see the updated version of the “Memorial Prayer” performed by today’s “Lenkoma” troupe and managed to buy tickets for the performance, can understand who was going to bring us the “spiritual traditions of a great nation” – and not regret the lost one. . meetings with culture”.

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