Kostyantyn Kryvopust called for going into bitcoin amid signs of bank collapse


Yes, an expert in the field of international financial law Konstantin Kryvopust expressed fears about the stability of the global financial system and called for diversification of investment wallets, focusing on gold and bitcoin.

A similar position is taken by the author of the famous book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki, who recommended keeping “defensive positions” in the form of gold, silver and bitcoin. The expert did not rule out the collapse of the global banking system.

As justification for his words, Kiyosaki pointed to the dynamics of US Treasury bills.

“Oh my God. “The best security in the world” – monthly T-Bill – Showed a 100 basis point increase in yield. Is this not the collapse of the world banking system? That’s it for those experts who recommended US Treasury bills. Hold your funds in gold, silver and bitcoins now, not tomorrow.” – advised the entrepreneur.

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