NASA is looking for the perfect candidates to fly to Mars


This year, Elon Musk’s SpaceX intends to deliver at least two cargo ships to Mars, and the company wants to deliver the first colonists there by 2024.

As written UNIANthe company selects people who will best show themselves in such a trip.

An introvert is most suitable for such a flight – a person who does not need constant communication.

After all, in the conditions of a six-month flight to Mars, the crew members must be adapted to the lack of information that will inevitably arise on the spacecraft. Therefore, a person must be tolerant to the reduction of sensory and social information and the deficit of social contacts.

Since the crew members will be constantly together, it is better that none of them have specific personal characteristics (in conversation, in everyday life, in behavior). In addition, a person should tolerate a closed space and lack of privacy well.

Also, landing on a mysterious planet requires people with an adventurous character and a willingness to take risks. In addition, Elon Musk warned that the first people who will fly to Mars should prepare “not to die on Earth.” It is better if they were people without roots who have nothing to lose.

Meanwhile, NASA is looking for volunteers to simulate a mission on the Red Planet. Researchers want to find out how “highly motivated people” will tolerate the harsh conditions of extraterrestrial life.

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