Natalia Durunda’s new books “Behind the Gates of Hell” and “Under the OST Brand” are presented in Uzhhorod


February 10 at 4:30 p.m. in the Transcarpathian Regional Universal Scientific Library named after F. Potushnyak, the presentation of Natalia Durunda’s new books “Behind the Gate of Hell” and “Under the Mark of OST” will take place.

Natalia Durunda is a Ukrainian writer, the author of six novels and six novels, a member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine. Among Ms. Natalia’s works are artistic works about Stalinist repressions, the events of the Second World War, Russian aggression in the East of Ukraine, and the Soviet-Afghan campaign of 1979-1989.

The novel “Behind the Gates of Hell” is a creative canvas woven from a mosaic of real human memories and harmoniously woven into an interesting plot. The work of art takes the reader through the pages of World War II, which tells about the fate of Ukrainians deported to Nazi Germany for forced labor.

The novel “Under the label “OST” is the second book of the series “Behind the gates of hell”, depicting the life of returnees in the post-war period, Khrushchev’s thaw, Gorbachev’s perestroika and up to the present day.

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