Orange salad recipe


Salad in orange will delight guests with its beautiful and unusual design. This salad can be served as a separate dish or as a side dish to other dishes. It is very easy to prepare. Salad, in an original vase (salad bowl) made of orange, will decorate any festive table!

Ingredients for making a salad in an orange:

  1. Oranges – 4 pieces
  2. Sweet and sour apples – 2 pcs.
  3. Celery root – 250 gr.
  4. Canned pineapple – 250 g.
  5. Lemon – 1 piece
  6. Mayonnaise – 100 gr.
  7. Peeled walnuts – 100 gr.
  8. Sugar-1/4 teaspoon
  9. Ground black pepper – to taste
  10. Salt – to taste


  1. Pan
  2. A large flat plate
  3. Knife
  4. Cutting board
  5. Colander
  6. Table spoon

Cooking a salad in an orange.

Step 1: take oranges

When choosing oranges, you should not be too wise. You just need to hold an orange in your hands. If the fruit is heavy, it will be juicy and tasty. For our salad, we take large oranges. Wash them thoroughly with a brush under water. We take a knife and make shaped baskets from them, for this we cut the oranges in half, cut off part of the peel from below to give the baskets stability. Next, carefully remove the pulp from the orange halves with a tablespoon, remove the white fibers. Separate the lobes from the membranes and cut them into small pieces on a cutting board. Put the sliced ​​oranges and baskets aside.

Step 2: take apples

Apples fit very harmoniously into our salad, giving it a special taste. For the salad, we take sweet and sour apples. Wash them, remove the skin and core. Take a board and cut the apples into small cubes, then set aside.

Step 3: take celery

To begin with, thoroughly wash the celery root, then clean it with a knife from the rough skin, and wash it again. Then cut it into small cubes. We take a saucepan, put celery in it and pour boiling water, After 30 minutes, drain the boiling water, pour cold water with the juice of half a squeezed lemon (wash the lemon well beforehand), leave for 10 minutes. Then we put the celery in a colander and dry it.

Step 4: cut canned pineapples

When choosing canned pineapples in a tin can, pay attention to the fact that the can is not damaged, that there is no rust on it, that there is no can and its contents are not leaking. Remove the canned pineapples from the syrup and cut them into small cubes.

Step 5: prepare the sauce

To do this, take mayonnaise, mix it with sugar, ground black pepper and salt. The sauce is ready!

Step 6: mix the ingredients

In a small but wide plate, mix oranges cut into small pieces, chopped sour-sweet apples, celery root, chopped canned pineapples. Chop the peeled walnuts with a knife and mix a part (about half) with our ingredients. Pour over the second half of the squeezed lemon and season them with the prepared sauce, mix everything.

Step 7: serve the salad in an orange

We put the salad in shaped orange baskets, sprinkle with the remaining walnuts, you can also sprinkle with cranberries. Serve the salad on a large flat plate. Orange salad is ready!

Bon appetit!


– It is better to mix salads in a small but wide dish. This will better preserve the shape of cut vegetables and fruits.

– When adding vegetables to the salad, do not combine warm and cold vegetables, the salad will spoil faster.

– If you are dressing a salad, and the recipe allows it, it is better to replace the usual mayonnaise with sour cream, yogurt, vegetable oil, fruit or vegetable juice, or brine from pickles. So, firstly, the salad will acquire an original taste, and secondly, it will be more useful. Experiment with dressings.

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