Pavlo Klimkin explained why China cannot completely renounce Russia now


Today, China cannot completely abandon relations with Russia because of the geopolitical confrontation with the West. At the same time, China has a desire to use the resources of the aggressor country.

At the same time, the Russian Federation does not receive active military support from Beijing. About it in an exclusive interview OBOZREVATEL said Pavlo Klimkin, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for 2014-2019.

According to him, the Chinese leadership has no enthusiasm for supporting Russia. If the cooperation between Beijing and Moscow took place more actively, in particular, with the help of the provision of technologies, the position of the Russian regime would be stronger.

In addition, Russia’s attempts to obtain weapons from North Korea, Iran, or African countries clearly show that Russia does not receive any high-tech military support from China. At the same time, Klimkin emphasized that China is currently not ready to leave the Russian regime, as it needs it in the geopolitical confrontation with the West.

“The basis of this is neither sympathy for Putin, as we know from many sources, nor for the Russian regime. There is a cynical desire to use Russia, its potential, including resources. Therefore, in the near future, China will try to play the role of an independent player, perhaps an independent mediator,” Klimkin noted.

Also, the former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that, apart from the use of Russian resources, cooperation with the Russian Federation does not give China anything. In addition, the diplomat added, for China to use Russia as it is today is not a long-term goal.

It was previously reported that Russia receives dual-use goods from abroad that help it wage war against Ukraine, despite Western sanctions and export controls. According to the mass media, most of such deliveries to the Russian Federation were made from China.

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