Reanimobiles, purchased with the funds of UNITED24 donors, are already saving the lives of Ukrainians, – Ministry of Health


Reanimobiles, purchased with the funds collected through the UNITED24 initiative, are already saving the lives of Ukrainians. They were handed over to the centers of emergency medical aid and disaster medicine in 12 oblasts of the country, most of them in frontline regions.

These are “ambulances” of type C, equipped with everything necessary to transport the seriously wounded. Namely: with oxygen cylinders, cardiac monitors, defibrillators, electrocardiographs and ventilators.

“New cars, equipped with modern medical equipment of recent years of production. Warm, with air conditioners. Some are four-wheel drive, that is, they can be used to drive through de-occupied settlements where roads have been destroyed as a result of hostilities. In addition, they have external lighting sources, which is extremely important today in the absence of street lighting. After all, they are diesel, which means saving money on fuel and lubricants,” says Andrii Samoilov, chief physician of the Mykolayiv Center for Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine of the Mykolayiv Region.

According to Andrii Leonidovych, after the de-occupation of Kherson Oblast, their Center helps in transporting the wounded from there to hospitals in safer regions, even to Kyiv Oblast.

“Over eleven months of full-scale war, more than 400 ambulances have been destroyed, damaged, captured by the invaders. Meanwhile, shelling of medical facilities and “ambulances” continues. Arriving on time to the call, taking the injured person to the hospital, providing him with the necessary medical assistance on the way, is saving someone’s life. That’s why emergency vehicles are one of the primary needs!” — says Deputy Minister of Health for Digital Development Maria Karchevych.

We will remind in total, as of now, 133 “fast” have been purchased with funds raised through the UNITED24 fundraising platform.

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