Save the Carpathians from development: activists created a petition to protect the Svidovets mountain massif


Eco-activists created a petition Free Svydovets against the construction of one of the most valuable Carpathian ecosystems – the Svydovets mountain massif

About this reported coordinator of WWF-Ukraine Suzanna Tymochko, conveys “Espresso. West“.

“Destruction of a unique ancient glacial landscape, high-altitude meadows, pollution of soil and surface water, destruction of habitats of rare species of animals and plants – this is the price for another dubious business project in the form of a resort. Yes, it is necessary to develop tourism and local communities in Svidovka, but not in such an illegal way and not at the cost of destroying wildlife, taking advantage of wartime, when society’s attention is focused on the front line. At a time when the whole world is reviewing the old, harmful to nature and inefficient principles of the development of the tourism industry and developing sustainable tourism, Ukraine still adheres to the “cave” consumerist approach. but it must be changed!” – wrote Suzanna Tymochko.

The petition states that the Svydovetsky massif is one of the most valuable centers of biodiversity of the Ukrainian Carpathians with at least 93 species of flora and fauna included in the Red Book of Ukraine (2009), over a hundred regionally rare species of plants and animals for Transcarpathia, endemics and relicts, dozens of rare European types of habitats and plant communities of the Green Book of Ukraine (2009), fragments of Pripolonin primeval forests, as well as 7 unique for Ukraine glacial lakes and glacial landscape forms that may disappear forever.

“Make the discussion process public and open. Do not change the intended purpose of the lands of the Svidovets mountain massif. Protect Svidovets from total development. Preserve the ecosystems of the Tisza river basin and the Svidovets highlands by creating new nature conservation areas. Strengthen control over forestry management. To contribute to the development of green tourism in the territories of local communities and traditional for the region types of economy”, – demand eco-activists.

You can sign the petition for link.

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