Secrets of the “polichanel” of the Ukrainian residency of the FSB. Part 2.


Dear readers, in the previous parts of our publication, we told you about the influential FSB general Oleg Feoktistov, and the main tasks of his unitand about a series of high-profile murders that began with the death of a former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation – Denys Voronenkovthe colonel of GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine – Maksym Shapoval, and the direct killer who fired fatal shots.

However, we are forced to state that the given, almost detective story did not end with only three murders.

So, on October 25, a shootout took place in the parking lot of a Kharkiv supermarket, in which two people were injured. According to the report of the law enforcement officers, one of the victims died, and the other was taken to the hospital. They were later identified as Volodymyr Boroch and Georgy Isakov. Volodymyr Borokh is of particular interest in this “accidental event”, since it was Borokh who was detained by the police in 2017 together with another Kharkiv resident Oleksandr Los. The latter is suspected of complicity inmurder of Denys Voronenkov– in an organized group, he allegedly played the role of a driver and followed the victim. Losya’s lawyer Svyatoslav Parkhomenko claims that the deceased Boroh was aware of the details of the assassination attempt and was supposed to testify in court.

So, we have yet another – already the third – “accidental” victim in the case of the murder of Denys Voronenkov, who was also supposed to testify at the trial.

It is logical to assume that the last of the witnesses or suspects who were related to the murder of Voronenkov and remained alive after the death of Volodymyr Borokh were Yaroslav Levenets (wanted) and Kharkiv criminal Yury Vasylenko, who was also wanted for involvement in the murder of Denys Voronenkov .

And, unfortunately, if the above persons were alive, the ending of our story would not be so interesting:

  • yes, according to the testimony of the wife of Yaroslav Levents, the latter has disappeared since 2017 and she knows nothing about his whereabouts. Therefore, we cannot rule out the murder of the 5th witness/accused in the murder case, Denys Voronenkov.

As for the sixth defendant, and in fact (according to the investigation, the co-organizer of the murder) Yuriy Vasylenko, here our story acquires an almost espionage flavor.

Yes, yes Russian media reports Yuriy Vasylenko, a suspect in the case of the murder of Denys Voronenkov, was kidnapped by unknown persons on January 10, 2019, near one of the Moscow restaurants. During the abduction, unknown persons used firearms.

Later, already in February 2020, by Russian law enforcement agencies two persons were detained, who were probably involved in the abduction of Yury Vasylenko. They turned out to be members of the Kursk criminal group, who, according to the same law enforcement officers, were involved in the murder of Yevhen Zhilin, the head of Kharkiv “Oplot”.

According to the preliminary information of the investigation, at the time of the abduction Yuriy Vasylenko died of blood loss. Later, his body was taken to a farm and fed to pigs.

So, we can conclude that all the witnesses involved in the murder of Denys Voronenkov were killed. A strange coincidence…. if at the beginning of our investigation we did not mention Oleg Fioklistov, the head of operational activities of the FSB of the Russian Federation, and the extensive network of agents of the FSB in Ukraine.

To be continued….

Author: human rights defender Kostyantyn Kryvopust

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