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A perspective on history…

As soon as the competition for the post of governor of the Mykolaiv Oblast was finished in the Presidential Administration and the winner was shown to the public, the nervous laughter inevitable in such cases ran through the ranks. The laureate was too reminiscent of the characters from the works of Ch. Lombroso “Types of criminals” and “Studies on Cretinism in Lombardy”. Meanwhile, a full-fledged people’s deputy from the BPP faction and the first deputy chairman of the Budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada stood on the podium. He was called like our Nadya, only Oleksiy. Oleksiy Savchenko.

This person has long been promoted to governorship, wooing the head of the Zhytomyr and Chernihiv State Administrations. In the end, Mykolaiv Oblast won. Such dispersion and paradox partly characterizes the very nature of a potential governor. Like a man of the Renaissance, he still manifested himself in strikingly different guises: he was a fighter against crime, the owner of a bank created with the money of this crime, a chanson singer, a football patron, he managed construction and the production of alcohol, and for the record, he appeared in the form of a veteran of the ATO.

No matter what the hero was doing, his craving for money remained unchanged, which allowed Savchenko to enter the top ten richest people’s deputies according to the UP version. The deputy has so many millions, earned by honest work, that O. Savchenko could afford to declare only 12 hryvnias in the “gifts” column.

And really, what will you give such a person other than the post of the head of the State Administration? He has the rest.

When Savchenko caught up with well-being, which later turned into prosperity, we do not dare to say. But experts claim that he began to get fed up in the era of fighting organized crime.

In Ukraine, organized crime is the same age as independence, if not the older sister: it arose during the era of perestroika. But at the end of the 90s, it was decided to give the last fight to banditry. Moreover, the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs set an ambitious task: to show the villains of the world that there are no bandits except the police. In UBOZ, where officer Savchenko served at the time under the leadership of the future Prosecutor General Vitaly Yarema, they coped with the task. On December 1, 2003, the authority of Pryshch, who held the Troyeshchyn market in Kyiv, was killed. And for Captain Oleksiy Savchenko, the war against crime ended victoriously.

“There are many examples of how the business of one or another criminal authority was “ruptured” immediately after his murder – as a rule, unsolved – Argument wrote about those times. – And, of course, for the benefit of the officers of UBOZ. This is what happened, for example, with the assets of the murdered brothers Savlokhov – Teimuraz and Boris (“Salokha”). This is what happened to the assets of Rybalko (“Rybka”). This is what happened with the assets of Valery Pryshchyk (“Pryscha”), etc.

The case with “Prishch” and his legacy is generally indicative, since this criminal authority was, in a way, “the last of the Mohicans” – despite all the vicissitudes of fate, tricks, bullets of competitors, he managed to live an unnaturally long life for a person of his behavior. However, he was also shot. The murder was never solved. And the main asset of his life – the capital market “Troyeshchyna” – became the property of Oleksandr Lishchenko (nickname “Lich”), once the “right-hand man” of “Prishcha”.

Shortly after the murder of Pryshka, officer Oleksiy Savchenko, who for many years was responsible for the development of the Pryshka organized crime group, resigned from the capital’s UBOZ headquarters. But he didn’t plant “Prishcha” like that. After a couple of years, he suddenly became fabulously rich – he became a multi-millionaire and, together with his “Prishchev”, A. Lishchenko, co-owner of the bank created on the capital of the late “Prishcha”.

Vitaliy Yarema’s son Valery, the future head of the Department of State Registration of Rights to Real Estate of the State Registration Service, Valeriy Geletey – the future Minister of Defense … and all three – Vitaly Yarema, Savchenko and Geletey – came from Kyiv head office of UBOZ.

Geletei, responsible for the “Ilovaisk boiler” and hundreds of victims, headed the Department of State Security. Vitaly Yarema is still “in the party reserve of Poroshenko’s party” – he was dismissed at his own request from the position of Prosecutor General, where he failed all his work. Oleksiy Savchenko is a former member of the Verkhovna Rada from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, where such talents are valued. And all three are comrades and colleagues of Oleksandr Lishchenko, an active member of OZU “Pryscha”. Such a union of cops, bandits and money.

A multi-millionaire banker

As noted in the media, retired Uboz residents in private conversations mention that there were discussions in the Kyiv UBOZ that Pryshchyk was personally “executed” by Savchenko. In any case, yesterday’s pauper suddenly became a rich man, a “successful businessman”, he was admitted to the Holy of Holies from Pryshchyk the commoner, and received a share in the deceased’s business. This is where the banking period of Savchenko’s biography begins. He gives the impression that we are dealing with a financier of at least the level of Strauss-Kahn and Yushchenko.

In 2004-2005, Oleksiy Savchenko headed the security service of Serhiy Bubka’s bank “Personal Computer” (later renamed “Rodovid Bank” and controlled by Yury Yenakiivskyi), while simultaneously being the deputy chairman of the board.

With the arrival of the “Orange” government, Savchenko headed the board of JSC “Asia Universal Bank”. The bankers remembered that at that time the ex-poor man headed the representative office of the Kyrgyz bank. According to the law, this structure could not conduct operations on the territory of Ukraine. However, it could offer to conduct a certain range of international financial transactions through the parent bank.

In 2006, Oleksiy Savchenko founded his own “Partner Bank”, which was later sold to Russian billionaire Volodymyr Antonov and renamed “ConversBank”. (Antonov later complained that Vadym Stolar had extorted the bank from him.)

Savchenko, along with his men, bought another one. In this second meeting, heads of law enforcement agencies, former criminal authorities, friends and partners of “Donetsk” bandits gathered. As Divanna Sotnya wrote, among the founders were Yura Enakivesky’s partner Volodymyr Shariy and Oleksandr Lishchenko (“Licha”) – the former right-hand man of the murdered “Prishcha”. Geletei and Yarema were also founders (where would we go without them?), and Yarema’s 23-year-old son had his million dollar deposits in the bank. But, later, the aforementioned company successfully bankrupted this bank as well.

At the same time, Savchenko managed to play a little bit with “Kyivmiskbud” (vice president of the holding in 2007) and quite a bit – just two months – with “Ukrspirt. As predicted by “Business Capital”, the appointment at Kyivmiskbud “Olexii Savchenko managed only to solve the temporary problems of his Partner Bank: at that moment the financial institution needed funds, and “Kyivmiskbud”, according to rumors, placed a solid deposit with Savchenko (several dozen million hryvnias), which helped cover the cash gap.

A lightning-fast career in Ukrspirt, where Savchenko brought People’s Deputy and honorary president of the vodka company “Olymp” Pavlo Klymets, according to some sources, set the task of undermining the state monopoly on alcohol production by the concern. Unfortunately, we did not manage to find out: whether Savchenko coped with the task instantly, or whether he showed complete unfitness for these purposes.

Astronomical sums that Savchenko allegedly paid for winning the AP contest are circulating on the Internet. But why the Mykolayiv region? As you know, after the recent scandal in the Mykolaiv village of Kryve Ozero, where a local resident died at the hands of the police, the entire leadership of the police department in the region was dismissed. New acting On August 25, Colonel Yury Moroz was appointed the head of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Mykolaiv region.

“Yuriy Leonidovych is a commercial partner of the current head of the State Security Department Valery Geletei and ex-prosecutor general Vitaly Yarema,” noted blogger Volodymyr Boyko commented on the appointment. – The Yarem-Heletey-Moroz union was formed in 2005-2006, when Yarem was the head of the capital’s police headquarters, Geletey was his first deputy – the head of the UBOZ in Kyiv, and Moroz was the deputy head of the UBOZ in Kyiv.

The fourth partner of this police business group was Oleksiy Savchenko, the current People’s Deputy from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, who at the beginning of the “Zeros” was the deputy chief of the Kyiv UBOZ, when the chief’s name was Vitaly Hryhorovych Yarema.

According to rumors, while still working in the police, Savchenko and Moroz were actively involved in the “Prishcha” group, and when a conflict arose between “Prishcha” and his closest associates “Lichey” and “Cheboy”, they supported the latter, Boyko wrote. As a result, “Prishch” was killed, and his criminal empire went to “Lich” and “Chebe”, who generously thanked the policemen for their support…

So, summarizing the above information, we can assert the direct involvement of Oleksiy Savchenko, a UBOZ member, in the murder of Valery Pryshchyk and the bankruptcy of at least three banks.

The editorial staff of UA2DAY believes that at the moment there are all grounds for resuming the investigation based on the newly discovered circumstances of the murder of Valery Pryshchyk, conducting appropriate investigative actions within the framework of this proceeding with Savchenko and Lishchenko, as well as initiating criminal proceedings for the facts of bringing a number of commercial banks to bankruptcy Savchenko’s criminal group.

Ps in the next part of our investigation, we will tell you who, how, in what way, through which companies bankrupted “Avant Bank”… and others…

Author: human rights defender Kostyantyn Kryvopust

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