Judicial reform is tens of millions of dollars invested in the system of external governance.


More than 150 million dollars – that’s how much the collective West “poured” into the Ukrainian reform of the judicial system, the ultimate goal of which is to transfer it under the control of foreign partners. Such data are given “Judicial and legal newspaper”.

So, according to the data of journalists, for several years, Western states have been pouring relatively considerable money into our judicial system. More precisely, in its reformation, which is so advocated by local grant-makers who lobby for the appointment of foreigners to special “ethical councils”, “competition commissions” and other instruments of external governance.

The USA spent the most on reforming our judicial system: almost 87 million dollars, of which more than 25 million were allocated through the infamous organization USAID. The European Union allocated 39 million euros through various projects and funds. Canada gave another 14 million. We received 8 million from the OSCE. The EBRD and the British government also participated, but there we are talking about a “modest” couple or three million.

At the same time, analyze journalists, in fact, this money went to waste. So far, the West is not satisfied with the results of the judicial reform – despite the colossal funds that were invested in the program. It is not clear what the money was spent on. In particular, a simple example: the Americans allocated money for “improvement of judicial services”. These are banal repairs in ships, organization of the ventilation system, installation of air conditioners, new toilets, ramps for the disabled, etc. In the majority of courts, mostly, nothing was done. The money, as they say, was successfully “mastered”.

However, the main goal – the transition of the judicial system of Ukraine under the control of Western partners – is slowly but surely being achieved in the USA. Klymenko Time in cooperation with an honored lawyer of Ukraine Vladimir Bogatyr has exclusive documents confirming the fact that the entire “reform” is aimed at subordinating our judicial branch to foreign control. There are confirmations of constant contacts between the Ukrainian government and Western structures, as a result of which various “foreign experts” with dubious backgrounds came to Ukraine “to work”. We publish these documents, as well as give a direct speech by a well-known lawyer.

“Post-Maidan leaders systematically handed over the supremacy of state power in internal and external affairs to foreign patrons, deliberately surrendering their own state, its sovereignty and independence. Moreover, they were proud of it and cultivated it.

None of the numerous reforms that were undertaken in the sphere of justice were successful… For example, people with far from the best reputation in the countries where they came from were attracted to the work of the VKKS. There are enough competent lawyers in Ukraine, and the selection of judges should not be done by foreigners who at least do not know not only the legislation, but even the Ukrainian language, which is mandatory in all spheres of life.

Many such dialectical examples can be given. Overseas experts did not achieve any significant success, and the result of reforms under “someone else’s pipe” was the complete collapse of the judicial and law enforcement systems… The millions of dollars spent on various international programs became a banal feeding trough and a source of enrichment for the entire class of “grant-eaters”. For the “new” authorities, the reforms became an excellent screen for corruption and the placement of “necessary” and managed judges in the localities.

The documents we received testify to targeted actions of the previous political regime to attract various experts from European structures, however, a natural question arises about the expediency and legality of such actions… If pro-state and pro-Ukrainian positions are not chosen as a priority by the country’s leadership at this historical stage and the neo-colonial policy continues, then, most likely, in the future this will lead to a struggle for lost sovereignty and independence. Such is the logic and historical path of social development”– summarizes the lawyer Vladimir Bogatyr.

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