Serhiy Prytula shared his relationship with his wife Kateryna Sopelnyk during the war


The love story of the future couple began on the set, so it is clear that at first their relationship was based on working moments. When the showman divorced his first wife Yulia, the couple began a romantic relationship.

Kateryna Sopelnyk worked as a producer of the New Channel, and then took this position on Serhiy’s own project “Varyata”. In 2015, the young people decided to marry and officially became husband and wife. It is interesting that everything happened secretly, so no one except family and close friends knew anything.

Serhiy Prytula with his wife Kateryna

Prytula admits that the war greatly affected his relationship with his wife and even his mother. Constant stress, worries and other negative emotions are given as signs, so it is difficult to maintain peace and harmony. Conflicts occurred quite often in his family.

The man said that once, after arriving home, he entered an empty house. At that moment I realized that something had to be done about it. Especially at such a time, because it is necessary to appreciate every moment spent together, and not waste it on quarrels.

A decision was made with the whole family. If there is a situation where views differ, the closest relatives do not quarrel, but sit down at the negotiating table. This method really worked, because now Serhiy and Kateryna discuss absolutely everything, and all resentments have long since disappeared.

It’s a shame that sometimes such conclusions come late, but better now than never. Now there are no disrespect, conversations in raised tones, quarrels. Together they enjoy good news, consult and resolve important issues.

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